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the-networked-image:Closer by Anthony Antonellis. Short film...


Closer by Anthony Antonellis. Short film created with found online imagery.

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somequeerdistortion:“As I researched sleep, I found that we...


“As I researched sleep, I found that we sleep in intervals. The REM intervals loop several times a night. Each loop is about 90 minutes long. It is the same running time as an average feature film. So maybe the running time of films fulfills our subconscious needs? Therefore, entering a movie theatre is not unlike entering a dream. Films hypnotise us and take us to new worlds. Sleeping and films are like twin realities.”

Apichatpong Weerasethakul, from a behind-the-scenes featurette on Cemetery of Splendour (2015)

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nevver: Whats so fuck then, Mickey Mouth


Whats so fuck then, Mickey Mouth

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daniel-pinheiro: more info [here]from: #NeWWWorlDisorder...


more info [here]

from: #NeWWWorlDisorder 7.29.2017

A 90-minute, collectively conceived, socially-broadcasted, global culture jam + net performance transmitted via Facebook Live.

Annie Abrahams, Domenico Don Barra, Michaël Systaime Borras, Curt Cloninger, Carrie Gates, Baron Lanteigne, Patrick Lichty, Randall Packer, Daniel Pinheiro, Dominik Podsiadly, Craig Saper, Paul Wong,

Hosted by Randall Packer & Michaël Systaime Borras

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momentsinimages: © Frans Van Lent - Call Again “13:55″ Call...


© Frans Van Lent - Call Again “13:55″

Call Again - “On Friday 21 July 2017 I will be walking somewhere in the South of France. Call me between 13.00 and 14.00 (CEST). I will not answer your call but instead I will make a photo of what I am looking at on that specific moment. I will then send this photo to the number that showed up on my phone. To you.” – Frans Van Lent

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on: OUR LINGAGES // Annie Abrahams (@e-stranger​ ) Performance...


OUR LINGAGES // Annie Abrahams (@e-stranger​ )

Performance in collaboration with Daniel Pinheiro, Isabel Costa,  Igor Štromajer, Outranspo (Lily Robert-Foley, Camille Bloomfield, Jonathan Baillehache), Jan de Weille, Helen Varley Jamieson and Rui Torres.


between the digital and emotion, a system of four present bodies within the limited space, expanded by writing of presences that flood the screen - characters in motion -. A translation process back and forth, in overlapping transformation. As #4 move in (dis)placement, role playing, agency on a mutable system of comprehension. Gathering, a communion, an electronic communion where (we) become together we intersect one another with words and gestures. a latent restlessness of syncopated movement. Dance, move leading to speech, to sound, to coded language.

– “Fragmentation is a way of living in a border” –

Arterial language, undefined, glitched, “The internet is my mother tongue”

<…is a language that a person has been exposed to from birth or within the critical period (source: Wikipedia)>

Parsing the intricate network of an enclosed moment in time - the time we share(d) together.

“participatory, collectively made, refusing hierarchy, a knitting together of artists and performers in the moment of the event, an erasure of the artistic ego, a practice, changing rules, choices, connecting, accepting the unexpected, it’s responsive, shared, collaboratively authored, open to all, working with temporal behavioural phenomena, a healing, an enactment, improvised, including environmental conditions, attentional strategies, instructions, protocols, an apparatus, a meeting, embracing the ordinary, rehearsing alternatives, re-hijacking therapy, exercising our relations to others, our social (in)capacities, exploring rituals, being together, concerns individuals and politics.”

- excerpt from the script

Ours Lingages / Readingclub / Electronic Literature Organization #ELO17

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