quinta-feira, agosto 23, 2007

roubado. estudos sobre a performance

roubado aqui

"Immaterial performance suggests that performance consists of particular scripts that engage, involve and empower individuals, groups or even objects to perform their existence as becoming. Performance thus is constituted by engagements in defined typologies of scripting and contexts, and not by anything engaged in the action of performing. Performance appears through a precision in naming a context, in accounting an environment or a frame, and through those processes manifests something as performance. (...)"
"Immaterial performance proposes a shift towards performance as activity, shared through multiplicities of relations, rather than performance as representation.
Immaterial performance engages through activation, not in performance, i.e., participation, but as an emancipated spectator through intensities of performance.
Immaterial performance expands the notion of the stage towards being able to frame situations where the performer and the audience can merge into one entity, not through conventions of participation, but through the opportunity to charge social interaction and thus politicize everyday behavior.
Immaterial performance performs the performance of the already there, through minimal reconfigurations of the spatio-temporal coordination. (...)"

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