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Blame it on the Pop 2009

Best Of Moments&Memoires 09

Janeiro - Le Ours et la Néige
Fevereiro - III WW Edition - Sweet Valentine
Março - Em Lisboa
Abril - 36, Avenue Georges Mandel
Maio - Current Mood: Anxiety@Aquarium
Junho - Collaborative Documentary Classes
Julho - Back From the Past_Diário de Bordo
Agosto - Trains and Travels
Setembro - Sem Palco na Noite dos Investigadores
Outubro - GRT: Hamlet
Novembro - We Love Glee
Dezembro - Side by Side With the Monsters

Extras: FNB Dance Umbrella ; Pitié ; True Blood ; Fauré's Elegy

This Is It, dir. Spike Lee

This Is It, a canção de Michael Jackson (1958-2009) que deu o título a uma série de espectáculos nunca consumados — e também ao filme sobre os respectivos ensaios —, já tem teledisco. É seu autor Spike Lee e a respectiva divulgação começou por se fazer no site da empresa produtora do cineasta, 40 Acres and a Mule Filmworks. Verdadeiro álbum de memórias, o teledisco cruza as memórias das origens da família Jackson em Gary, Indiana, com fotografias, momentos de palco e tributos de fãs, tudo transfigurado por algumas subtis formas de manipulação digital, em particular na relação das imagens com os respectivos fundos — é um breve e sóbrio exercício de luto que, adequadamente, prolonga a energia iconográfica do universo de Michael Jackson.

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I'll stand by you

Other musics played while I wrote this, but this year was all about that. Me standing for others, standing by and for myself, others standing by me, as a proof that there are few people that will stand by you in critic times. Time goes by and you start becoming impatient with things that years before weren't really that important, and they turn out to be the most important details in your life.
These past nine years have been really important to my growth; it all started out as game/dream that didn't seem to be really important and suddently I find myself living my adulthood in that dream I thought it was imposible...
Outstanding events have become less important compared with those small details and actions people have towards eachother.
In a decade where evolution has permeated our lives with technologic advances, cybercommuncation has become a placebo to this human disability - fast unlearnment - towards relations, and every year personal interaction with other beings of our own species has become more important.
It could be called the new era of existentialism for this has been the main topic over the 2000's, a decade where solid ground and nature have been undertaken by the great fear that settled at the turn of the century and we are still learning how to deal with it.
"What do you say on taking chances?!" it seems to be the status quo of the last ten years due to the gradually (but very significant) twist that swept the world increasing the need of radical changes, and re-adaptation of human behaviourism.
Like I stated a few posts ago, maybe in 3009 the same questions are still going to be asked, but those same questions and pursuit of answers to them brought myself to think that though I remain the same that in my teen years... Now, in my late twenties, I eager for this new decade that will, obviously bring problems but in which I hope to have experiences that continue to help me re-define always as a better person, learning from my mistakes and with those compelling disappointments, but above all to face the fact that dreams are just different from how I have dreamed them.
Specially during this year people I know really stood by each other, even those that got eventually lost along the way. Dispite the huge amount of loneliness imposed as a side-effect of evolution, human warmth and trustiness gained more meaning and I'm happy to see that there are actions taking place to approach the whole world into the utopia of uniqueness and feeling that we all belong to the same place, even knowing that the 'Dark Side' will always be there waiting to bring it all down, but in the end it will be a matter of chain reactions taking place within each one. I'm still learning...
This was definitely the year of 3rd W.W. and like it is supposed to be it will continue to exist (it couldn't all turned suddently into heaven for everyone). We are just like just like those tiny glass animals in Tennesse William's "The Glass Menagerie"...

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Blue Moon: 31/12/2009

When two full moons occur in any calendar month, the second is called a blue moon. The term (in its modern usage) therefore has nothing to do with the Moon's actually color. A blue moon occurs about once in 2.5 years on average. A blue moon can occur in January and the following March if there is no full moon at all in February, as is the case in the years 1999, 2018, and 2037.

There are several other meanings ascribed to the term "blue moon" (the most common being "a very uncommon event"), but the one given here seems first to have appeared in The Maine Farmers' Almanac of 1937. The phrase "blue moon" has been around for several hundred years, but its meaning has changed a few times. The earliest use of "blue moon" meant an obvious absurdity which everyone knew never happened. However, the moon does occasionally turn blue as a result of smoke from forest fires or particles from a volcanic eruption. Since these blue-looking moons were rare but did happen from time to time, the phrase "once in a blue moon" was coined, meaning that an event is unusual, but can happen occasionally (Kibbey). "Blue moon" has also been used as a symbol of sadness and loneliness. That appears to have a history of its own among musicians and songwriters (Kibbey).

The following table lists all blue moons from 1990 to 2010 for dates in universal time. Note that because the full moon occurs at different times (and therefore potentially on different calendar days and in different calendar months) in different time zones, the occurrence of blue moons is time zone (and daylight saving time) dependent. For example, a blue moon occurs on May 31, 2007 in the Eastern Daylight Time zone, but on June 30, 2007 in universal time. Blue moons cannot occur in February, since the Moon's synodic period is 29.531 days, but February is 29 days at its longest (during a leap year).

in, scienceworld.wolfram.com

um grito...


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Therefore, each one seeks his half.

(...) He spoke and cut men in two, like a sorb-apple which is halved for pickling, or as you might divide an egg with a hair; and as he cut them one after another, he bade Apollo give the face and the half of the neck a turn in order that man might contemplate the section of himself: he would thus learn a lesson of humility. Apollo was also bidden to heal their wounds and compose their forms. So he gave a turn to the face and pulled the skin from the sides all over that which in our language is called the belly, like the purses which draw tight, and he made one mouth at the centre, which he fastened in a knot (the same which is called the navel); he also moulded the breast and took out most of the wrinkles, much as a shoemaker might smooth leather upon a last; he left a few, however, in the region of the belly and navel, as a memorial of the primeval state. (...)

in, Aristophanes's Speech from Plato's Symposium

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updated oldies


side by side with the 'monsters'

Alan Cumming getting some comedy tips from Dario Fo himself.

I had the privilege to stand side by side with comedy and theatre master Dario Fo in Italy (Gubbio, Stª Cristina) during the last week. The words that came from him and his wife - Franca Rame - were of those that inspires one to become better, even if you don't want to do that kind of theatre, or if you don't want to make theatre at all. Just the opportunity to look and listen to someone that talks about their work and life with the same importance breathing has to our existence makes you wonder about what you're really doing here and why do you have to have purposes in your life.
It's not just because he's an important personality to the Theatre History, neither because he's a Nobel Prize winner in Literature, it's just when you hear about a such fulfilled life of both of them you realise you make your path during life and that being stuck in the same place doesn't bring you nothing more than frustration and deception.
This is probably something one has to realise over and over during life, till you're suddently eighty five years old and you have in fact a story to tell...
Comedy is about saying it out loud, and making people laugh about their problems and prejudices; more important if that it concerns a large group of people like humanity itself.

Fermare la diffusione del sapere è uno strumento di controllo per il potere perché conoscere è saper leggere, interpretare, verificare di persona e non fidarsi di quello che ti dicono. La conoscenza ti fa dubitare. Soprattutto del potere. Di ogni potere.
Dario Fo in: la Repubblica, 13 de Junho de 2004

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the great comeback: April 2010

Till then we just wait... and live, live now...

bearing fruit

Sometimes we find ourselves in the middle of a crowd and we feel like we're completely alone. Like if the world was tumbling on us and there's nothing we can do to solve it, and maybe most of the time it's supposed to feel like that.
Up in the plane that brought me from Lisbon to Porto after my stay in Italy (at the PER.FORM.A Workshop) I was thinking about all the experiences I had had during that intense week and looking down to the small lights that slowly disapeared into this big shade of night black that was the sea I remembered the tears and smiles that were with all trough the year and I was glad to realise that moments do repeat if we're opened to receive them.
Our ability to auto-destruction overcomes any power that humans have and it seems like the whole world is focused on that, or at least for me it seams like that... Maybe in 1009 there was a group of friends for which the year was really bad for them and they just could not expect for 1010 to arrive and they hoped it would be a better year than the last one... Maybe in 3009 (going against the predictions that are patent nowadays of 2012) there will be a group of friends that just can't hold it anymore and they'll post it in the virtual communities and feel alone together and crave for the new year to come and bring good events and hope to their existence... This eagerness is adverse to realise that there are people just like us, that someone outthere is feeling just the same, and that somehow we'll meet and overcome this global solitude that apparently disapears when we are exposed to limit experiences in the middle of nowhere surrounded by beautiful landscapes and pure air, and 'nature' gradually starts to bear fruit within your soul, and suddently when your problems seem far away you grow a little more believing that it's worth it.
Maybe this is nothing for people with "real" problems, but just like I once stated here, one's problems are the REAL problems each one has to deal with.

horses and snow

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Franca Rame

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hold just a minute



A Associação de Desenvolvimento das Regiões do Parque Nacional da Peneda-Gerês, em colaboração com o Parque Nacional da Peneda-Gerês e a Câmara Municipal de Melgaço, apresentam, no dia 12 de Dezembro de 2009, no auditório da Porta de Lamas de Mouro, a curta-metragem "Raizes", que aborda a pré-história em Castro Laboreiro.
Esta foi produzida no âmbito do Projecto Gestão e Dinamização da Visitação no PNPG, projecto co-financiado pelo Programa Operacional Regional do Norte (ON2), no domínio da Gestão Activa de Espaços Protegidos e Classificados, do objectivo específico Gestão Activa da Rede Natura e da Biodiversidade do Eixo Prioritário III Valorização e Qualificação Ambiental e Territorial.

Convida-se todos os interessados para a apresentação da curta-metragem.

Serão realizadas, no dia 12 de Dezembro de 2009, duas apresentações, uma às 16h00 e outra às 21h00.

A participação na apresentação é gratuita, mas está sujeita a marcação prévia na Associação de Desenvolvimento das Regiões do Parque Nacional da Peneda-Gerês ou na Porta de Lamas de Mouro.

publicado a 26-10-2009 em www.adere-pg.pt

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A commedia dell'arte foi uma forma de teatro popular improvisado, que começou no séc. XV na Itália e se desenvolveu posteriormente na França e que se manteve popular até o séc. XVIII. A “Commedia dell’arte” vem se opor à “Comédia Erudita”, também sendo chamada de “Commedia All’improviso” e “Commedia a Soggetto”. Esta forma ainda sobrevive através de alguns grupos de teatro.

Suas apresentações eram feitas pelas ruas e praças públicas. Ao chegarem à cidade pediam permissão para se apresentar, em suas carroças ou em pequenos palcos improvisados. As companhias de commedia dell’arte eram itinerantes e possuíam uma estrutura de esquema familiar. Seguiam apenas um roteiro, que se denominava “canovacci”, mas possuindo total liberdade de criação; os personagens eram fixos, sendo que muitos atores viviam exclusivamente esses papéis até a sua morte.

retirado de wikipédia


...os sons que produzirem poderão ser escutados simultaneamente em qualquer computador do mundo com ligação à Internet em banda larga. Este será o resultado mais evidente e imediato da inauguração oficial do canal televisivo que a Casa da Música criou na Internet, no endereço www.casadamusica.tv, o qual, a partir daqui, emitirá regular e gratuitamente os concertos desta sala de espectáculos e disponibilizará um conjunto alargado de outros conteúdos.
mais aqui

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suspensão...serviço público...

Nighthawks (1942) by Edward Hopper

ensaios para "Jardim Zoológico de Cristal"
por Ao Cabo Teatro, encenação Nuno Cardoso.

The Glass Menagerie (Tennesse Williams)

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Gainsbourg and Beck

He only wants to go home



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silently missing


It's all about new begginings, about recapturing that youth and the feeling you had when you first met happiness even if it was filled with difficulties and boundaries to overcome.
Being responsable to assemble a group of young people made me think about this "new blood" that is starting now to build new things, that are now facing problems we new and even problems we'll never have to get through...

long weekend

Excerto retirado da obra “O Improviso de Versalhes” de Molière.



(Para Du Croisy)

Vós fazeis o poeta, vós, e deveis encher-vos desse personagem, marcar esse ar pedante que conserva entre o comércio da boa sociedade, esse tom de voz sentencioso, e essa exactidão de pronúncia que apoia sobre todas as sílabas, e não deixa escapar nenhuma letra da mais severa ortografia.

(Para Brécourt)

Para vós, fazeis um honesto homem de corte, como já fizestes na crítica da escola das mulheres, quer dizer que deveis tomar um ar posado, um tom de voz natural, e gesticular o menos que vos for possível.

(Para La Grange)

Para vós, não tenho nada a dizer.

(Para a Menina Béjart)

Vós, representais uma dessas mulheres que, desde que não façam o amor, julgam que tudo o resto lhes é permitido, uma dessas mulheres que se entrincheiram sempre orgulhosamente sobre o seu recato, olham cada um de alto a baixo, e querem que todas as mais belas qualidades que os outros possuem não sejam nada em comparação com uma honra miserável com que ninguém se preocupa. Tende sempre esse carácter perante os olhos, para daí tirar muitas caretas.


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Werner Herzog on Theatre Actors

Porque é que não trabalha com actores de teatro?

Às vezes acontece, mas é difícil retirá-los ao mundo da representação teatral, que é completamente diferente. Quando a câmara está apenas a alguns centímetros das caras deles, a mais leve mudança é já de mais e sussurrar a um nível mesmo que mínimamente mais alto é completamente incorrecto e ridículo. Quando vejo filmes percebo imediatamente, mesmo a léguas, se um actor vem do teatro, e não acredito numa só palavra do que diz. E isto demonstra como o teatro se tornou morto, sem vida e desinspirado. Para mim é impossível ver teatro.

in, Sinais de Vida. Werner Herzog e o Cinema.

Werner Herzog

'Heart of Glass' (1976)

listening to: Wes Montgomery

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'a sentimental comic ballet'

If Mary Shelley's Frankenstein represents the dark side of the theme of scientist as creator of life, then Coppelia is the light side. If Giselle is a tragedy set in a peasant village, then Coppélia is a comedy in the same setting. The part of Frantz was danced en travesti by Eugénie Fiocre, a convention that pleased the male members of the Jockey-Club de Paris and was retained in Paris until after World War II.

Coppola's "Tetro" is in between the dark side of life and the light side of family issues.

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and the blood gave life

At Folsom Prison

A Folsom State Prison do Breve Sumário é território post-mortem - de que se ocupa um zeloso conselho de administração constituído pelo teólogo Lúcifer, o self made devil Satanás e um Belial estoira-vergas - e quem se prepara para arrombar os seus portões é Cristo.

in, Manual de Leitura, "Breve Sumário da História de Deus" TNSJ

Em o 'Breve Sumário da História de Deus', levado à cena no Teatro Nacional S. João até 20 de Dezembro, Nuno Carinhas interpreta as palavras escritas por Gil Vicente e encena um estado de sítio entre um grupo de sem-nome que rapidamente assumem as personagens do elenco da História da Criação nos modelos Cristãos.
À semelhança de Pitié (Alain Platel) os intérpretes procuram um estado de possessão que é inerente ao Teatro convencional e necessário para contar uma história que remete às nossas origens assim como nos contaram, uma história com mais de dois mil anos de existência carregada de simbolismo e iconografia pagã re-interpretada da qual se é quase impossível dissociar.
Num português arcaico a história desenrola-se gradualmente desde os preparativos de um motim até ao clímax do mesmo, passando de forma breve pelos episódios daqueles que são, sem dúvida, os personagens mais famosos do panorama bíblico.
Enquanto leigo nas matérias de Teatro Vicentino o espectáculo procura manter presente uma imagética que corresponde ao autor, mas como é que se conta uma história que já se sabe como vai acabar?
Enquanto a dança de Platel e as músicas de Cassol se unem para resultar num Requiem da vida sacra, aqui as personagens estão bem definidas, existem e pretendem ser 'reais', a metáfora torna-se literal por detrás de uma fina película e de máscaras que escondem os vilões deste thriller milenar, transposto ao longo dos séculos para diferentes estilos artísticos onde cada autor tenta uma interpretação pessoal deste mito "medieval".
Um pouco como os mitos que se geraram em torno de grandes personagens a interpretação, ou re-interpretação dos factos não abandona o foro pessoal de quem os aborda, algo de muito individual.
O dispositivo cénico encontra-se algures entre um estábulo, uma arca de Noé naufragada e (talvez mais actual) um depósito humano próximo dos acampamentos da Segunda Guerra Mundial, onde habitam estes seres sem casa, estes sem-nome que, como numa prisão, sucumbem aos instintos básicos de comportamento humano que se rege apenas pelo Bem e o Mal.
À semelhança de qualquer Odisseia, aqui as personagens rumam em caminhos sinuosos conduzindo o enredo através de episódios reconhecíveis e marcantes pontuados por acções humanas (ou divinas) que são responsáveis por um destino conjunto de todos os que habitam dentro da mesma história.
'Breve Sumário da História de Deus' é mais um exercício de arte sacra onde o veio divino - aquele que todos os dias, seja por fé, descrença, ignorância, ou vazio, nos assola o espírito - acompanha a narrativa de uma obra de Teatro Português.
Nada resta senão a nossa humilde existência face ao desconhecido e portanto são válidas todas as tentativas de explicação e esclarecimento dos factos.

Em Pitié a contemporaneidade remetia o espectador para aquilo que o ser humano é capaz de abdicar, aqui Nuno Carinhas e o elenco exercitam esta dúvida num ambiente bastante comedido onde se sofrem as repercussões de um Teatro Português onde continua a ser necessário ultrapassar o limite, forçar as barreiras daquilo que já temos.
As palavras já existem, estão lá, é necessário procurar para além delas, o corpo tem mais a dizer, a expressão estende-se a uma aura que nos envolve e que é urgente colorir de emoções.

De Lei d'Escritura e Lei Natural já temos passados os mais principais, venha a Lei da Graça por que os mortais alcancem a glória de sempre eternal.

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Gosto bastante do meu pequeno hamster, gosto de chegar a casa e olhar para a gaiola onde o tenho guardado, gosto da companhia dele enquanto cozinho. Não gosto de o ter na gaiola, tenho pena dos animais, mas é a única maneira de mantê-lo sob vigilância, caso contrário.... zás... e sai a correr por todo o lado. E depois encontrá-lo?

in, "Measures Between Bars" (Medidas Entre Barras)

Zimbardo vs. Oscar Wilde

© Luís Barbosa

A requiem about being imprisioned...

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new media art

Dziga Vertov, still from The Man with the Movie Camera, 1929.

Give Me That Slow Knowing Smile

Casa da Música | 1 Dezembro | Sala Suggia

Papa don't preach...

Glee...just keeps getting better and better!

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sleep disorders

It's hard to sleep when you go to bed with more than yourself, when all the unsolved problems lie there - by your side - mocking the fact that you are trying to get a little rest, trying to forget everything else.
I'm not talking about isomnia, I'm talking about a thing that happens to me all the time, that is I go to bed tired and wake up even more tired, I don't dream to much, I try to abstract myself from all the things that cross my mind in those moments I'm turning side to side, trying to find a position where all my existence can sustain from existing and die for a few hours. (In all this years, I could never find a really good position to sleep, something is always unconfortable, like if a part of my body should not be there...)
What is more difficult for me to understand is why do other people have the right to upset your own sleep, the moment you really have left for yourself to not use and be glad about it, to enjoy all of it spent in this need... In this absolute state of unexistence that we humans don't dispense - or, on the other hand, are very aware of the damages caused by the lack of it.
And here we are all concerned with each other, trying to get a little rest from our busy and unsettled days, and that not only gets in our way through our schedule moments, also develops sleeping disorders. It's as simple as this, people should care more about how their coworkers, colleagues, lovers, friends (etc.) sleep in order to avoid those tiny and unsettling negative details that are the cause for "playing fake roles" within those you should be nurturing a healthy realtionship.

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Raízes, um filme de Carlos Ruiz

“Raízes” é uma representação alegórica da vida e da morte numa comunidade neolítica. A história ilustra o início do sedentarismo num período onde o ser humano ainda vive numa dependência harmoniosa com a natureza, da qual depende para sobreviver. Em Castro Laboreiro, há pastores, caçadores, ag...ricultores rudimentares. Há um grande espírito de solidaridade no grupo e todos dependem do esforço dos outros para sobreviver. Um dia Ancu, um importante caçador da tribo, morre. Toda a actividade cessa para dar início à preparação da passagem de Ancu para um outro mundo, espiritual.

Civil Disobedience

"It is something to able to paint a particular picture, or to carve a statue, and so make a few objects beautiful; but it is far more glorious to carve and paint the very atmosphere and medium through which we look. To affect the quality of the day - that is the highest of arts."
- Henry David Thoreau

related: Invisible Cinema

Fauré's Elegy

Gabriel Fauré

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measures between bars

There are narratives of convergence, which ultimately affirm that art and science are one and the same: ways of understanding the world. And there are the narratives of separation, postulating that art and science are two distinct ways of producing worlds, to a level in which the worlds they produce do not intersect.

in Nomadic.0910/About

more in www.sempalco.pt

David LaChapelle sexes up Iglesias

Out filmmaker-photographer David LaChapelle is known for his provocative collaborations with divas from Christina Aguilera to Angelina Jolie. But in 2000 he sexed up Enrique Iglesias for a music video that has gone unreleased — until now.

LaChapelle directed the video for Iglesias’s remake of the Bruce Springsteen song “Sad Eyes". Though Iglesias spends much of the video in bed (and in a bathtub) with a woman, for the number of nude shots of Iglesias alone, this video is sure to up his stock with gay fans.

Word is the steamy shots and an image of a stripper pole growing out from between his legs caused Iglesias's record label to shelve the video in 2000.

Check out the video and some juicy screen grabs here and on the following pages ... [the advocate]

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High Heels on the Beach

Vogue's November Cover: Annie Leibovitz photographs the Cast of "Nine"... more here

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Psycho ending

It's sad when a mother has to speak the words that condemn her own son.

But I couldn't allow them to believe that I would commit murder. They'll put him away now as I should have years ago. He was always bad, and in the end he intended to tell them I killed those girls and that man.

As if I could do anything except just sit and stare--like one of his stuffed birds. Well, they know I can't move a finger. And I won't. I'll just sit here and be quiet, just in case they do suspect me.

They're probably watching me. Well, let them. Let them see what kind of person I am.

A fly has landed upon his hand, which rests in his lap.

I'm not even going to swat that fly. I hope they are watching. They'll see. They'll see, and they'll know, and they'll say... (as he slowly raises his eyes to meet ours, smirking) 'Why, she wouldn't even harm a fly!'

Is it our imagination, or does Norman's smile begin to morph into his mother's dead grin, as we fade to the final shot of Marion's car being hauled from the quicksand?

in Alfred Hitchcock's PSYCHO (1960)

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E como que se o atirassem, apenas com o toque imperceptível do dedo indicador nas suas costas, da borda do precipício onde permanecia com o olhar fixado no horizonte, sentiu que a sua decisão seria difícil de manter, pois todos os momentos de prazer eram rapidamente identificados e os problemas associados eram, com a mesma velocidade, esquecidos...
No momento em que se questionava acerca da sua decisão sentiu como se parte dele estivesse a morrer lentamente até que o momento definitivo chegasse.

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“But this itself is the very greatest cause of my grief, that, although there does exist a good ruler of the universe, evil can exist at all and even pass unpunished; and I beg you consider now how much wonder this fact alone properly causes. And to this is added another thing, of greater import: for when wickedness flourishes and is in control, virtue not only lacks rewards, but is even thrown down and trodden under the feet of wicked men and pays the penalty of vice. That this should happen in the kingdom of God who knows all, and is all-powerful, but only wills the good, no man can sufficiently wonder at or complain of.”

All quotations and translations of The Consolation of Philosophy are taken from Boethius, The Theological Tractates and The Consolation of Philosophy. Trans. H. F. Stewart, E. K. Rand, and S.J. Tester. Loeb Classical Library, vol. 74. (Cambridge, MA: Harvard University Press, 1973), Bk. 4, ch. 1. *Hereafter, CP. “Sed ea ipsa est vel maxima nostri causa maeroris, quod, cum rerum bonus rector exsistat, vel esse omnino mala possint vel impunita praetereant; quod solum quanta dignum sit admiratione profecto consideras. At huic aliud maius adiungitur. Nam imperante florenteque nequitia virtus non solum praemiis caret, verum etiam sceleratorum pedibus subiecta calcatur et in locum facinorum supplicia luit. Quae fieri in regno scientis omnia, potentis omnia sed bona tantummodo volentis dei nemo satis potest nec admirari nec conqueri.”

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La Danse

Um documentário sobre a dança... "La Danse"

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das experiment (2001)

Made in 2001, the german movie directed by Oliver Hirschbiegel is based on the infamous "Stanford Prison Experiment" conducted in 1971, as you can see in Quiet Rage: The Documentary.
An experiment that started out to be the first study about human behaviour within the limitations imposed to prisoners. Creating an environment, with the help of volunteers, of a real prison.
Although it is a fictioned story based on what really happened in Stanford with the experiment lead by Prof. Zimbardo, the movie is about the human attitudes that took the experiment to an end after six days.
At first we see that it all begins as a game for everyone but soon the impulses of leadership and the fear of humilitation start out to be the element of disorder and a cataliser for the events that rapidilly take place within the improvised installations.
Similar to what happened in Stanford Prison the volunteers were divided into guards and prisoners establishing already a difference even if that choice was as random as it could, after 36 hours the first riot happens out of the prisoner 77 setting out that he he's only inside a game and for that he wants to be treated with respect.
This leads to a rage from the guards that develop a animosity with that prisoner specially, and for that start a silent revenge and the necessity to be respected by those who are prisoners starts to overcome the fact that they're only within a "laboratory experiment".
The movie exponentiates the consequences of Stanford Prison to a so that it can be clear the effects that such experiment can have in human beings that are exposed to stress and pressure, and above all, lack of freedom.
One the main aspects of the movie is that some of the men playing "the prisoners" soon started to panic and the income they're getting from that experience were no longer important, even that that was the main reason for them to have joined the experience in the first place.

The identity loss was one of the important factors in the changing of the behavior, for the prisoners to be humiliated as such, and for the guards to gain a respect that they did not had in their regular life.

Imprisionment is all about the things you loose, about the exterior, about getting out of that place no matter what.

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domingo, novembro 08, 2009

two sleepy people

...and too much in love to say goodnight.

I would be glad to reach the end of my life and feel like this. To have a nest to rest, and stay there just about the same with foggy little fellows and have that warm sleepy feeling that makes us feel just alright.
Not this sleepness I feel nowadays that is a sign of dispair and anxiety, a numbness that I let myself fall in just not to confront the reality, or phearhaps it's the confrontation of it that makes me feel like this.
I wanted for that sleepy people to be next to me, to embrace all the memories I will have whenever that time comes.
Isn't it funny that the more evolved generations become the more earlier the concerns about that time of life that comes for everyone come and set their space within our more important thoughts.
Like Jean Baptiste Grenouille (the character written by Patrick Süskind in the novel "Das Perfume") I find myself discontent several times with human kind, and I feel I have this urge to find the perfectness within the human being - of course I will not become a serial-killer or try to recollect the human scent - and try to build my self up to that image I have of humans.
"We are the people we meet" and for that I keep my statement of "Humanity is a congregation of human flaws", for we have a natural aptness to incorporate the failures we see from the moment we are born, it's like goodness is already installed and within the program and then we learn new parameters - like computers have their development set by the errors bad users make to them till they reach a point when they're full with incomplete files and viruses - and build different grades of mal-function actions and behaviours, those we had to set regulations to stop them from destroying humanity before it could understand its own existence.

back to virginity

a difficult bird to cage: Mademoiselle 'non'

auto-portrait for Vogue Magazine

Sylvie Guillem


Intermission (2003)

momentos musicais_para boring sundays

Celine Dion: Taking Chances

Marcel Dion | MySpace Video

cover version (glee)

Mozart's Requiem

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Más fotos como esta en | Mais fotos como esta em movimiento.org | movimento.org

VideoDanzaBA 09 [November 14th - 22nd] - programación

Since 1995, VideoDanzaBA, founded as Festival Internacional de Video-danza de Buenos Aires, is a platform for divulging, learning, discussing, and developing networks about the artistic work around the axis body-technology in the broadest sense.With a strong accent on the exchange with the Latin American countries, that lead to the establishment of Circuito Videodanza MERCOSUR (CVM) and the Latin American Videodance Forum (FLV), VideoDanzaBA have also developed residency plans with foreign organizations such as South East Dance (RU), among others, to increase the research opportunities and the artistic exchange, in a frame that encourages diversity.

Programación Martes 17 (Noviembre)/ CCR: Microcine

17: 30 hs. AL BORDE (Selección VD - 73 min)

• Bailarina (Cobi Migliora/5:35 min./Argentina/2009)
The movement of things (Daniel Pinheiro/9:20 min./Portugal/2008)
• Calle de las 7 Cruces (propuesta para un recorrido) (Valeria Andrade/7 min./Ecuador/ 2008)
• Poema del tiempo (Jorge Bernal-Mayra Forte-Abel Moreyra/10 min./Argentina/2009)
• Hydra II (Vera Wilner/10 min./Argentina/2009)
• Beso.te.beso (Marcela González Cortés/7:32 min./Argentina/2009)
• Sin darle cuerda (Diana Salcedo-Patricia Pisman/5:51 min./Colombia/2008)
• Living Colors (Guillaume Le Grontec-Stefanie Batten Bland/2:53min/ Estados Unidos-Francia/2006)
• Get closer (Roberto Contini-Alida Bernardi/2:35 min./Italia/2008)
• Hodoku (Nadia Patrian-Silvina Cortés-Ernesto Chacón Oribe/12:58 min./Argentina/2008)

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when the world is a bit a mess


the season when renovation begins...

dre.dance nyc

music by: Nico Muhly

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we love glee...

Estou completamente "agarrado" à série Glee...
A nova série da FOX já estreada em Setembro está a fazer furor e a arrecadar fãs por todo o lado. Uma metáfora desta nossa High School Generation viciados em conseguir o seu "grande" momento de fama. Os "Prom Kings and Queens", os "Loosers" e um clube de teatro musical onde todos os sonhos são possíveis...

Disco used to rule the old school Glee. Now it's all about giving it all and go "Grease" all over again.


It's all about for them being the stars! And get the popular kids to join the parade...

Something about Lea Michele:

She doesn't live here anymore

Pina Bausch is dead.

The sudden and abrupt end of her life and her creativity
shocked her family, her friends, dancers, collaborators
and admirers of her art all over the world.

We are in mourning.

Pina will continue to influence all of us
who were in touch with her
and who experienced the magic of her work
as well as the righteousness and tenderness of her look
at us and at our times.

I'm brokenhearted
that we started our long-envisioned collaboration and film
too late.

Wim Wenders


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retroculture : The Cassette Resurrection

On an iPod generation, cassettes have turned into a retro object, worth being brought again to our days with other utilities:

recycle: designboom/cassette tape culture

ready-made by Gabriela Piserchia and Leandro Lobosco: Redimei Objetos Binários

celebrate don't forget - Vanessa Serna: Cassette is not dead

coin it by Marcella Foschi: Private Circle

case it on a cassette for iPod's (Nano Cases) by Nathan Lee and Trevor Coghill: Contexture Design

don't loose them, all together use them!: Creative Barn

artigo na revista DIF edição de 7º aniversário

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who will it be?!

Oscar Verdicts on Mirren, Clooney, Jackson

By Steve Pond
Published: October 29, 2009

These days, Oscar is a waiting game. Most of the films that are in contention for the top awards have made the festival circuit or been screened around town; in the best-picture race, there’s probably not much left to see.

But what is left is significant. Rob Marshall’s musical “Nine,” Peter Jackson’s “The Lovely Bones,” Clint Eastwood’s “Invictus” and James Cameron’s “Avatar” – those four films, none of which have screened to any significant degree, occupy four of the 10 slots on the majority of Oscar pundits’ forecast sheets.

So while we’re waiting to get a look at the fearsome foursome, the latest round of Oscar verdicts will examine a handful of films looking to score in the acting and foreign-language categories … plus, just for kicks, the movie that Elizabeth Taylor thinks should be up for everything. [... read more]

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Noah K. Everyday

A personal work-in-progress of self-documentation, that has already made a statement about the online existence - like it is said in the Italian Journal Il Manifesto "Everyday, tutta una vita nel web".
Noah started this project when he was 19 in 2000, nine years of this ageing process that is the natural human work-in-progress project for life.
Aquired and selected to be shown in several art galleries, Noah K. Everyday project has set a hallmark in the history of photography - Look at Me, World! Self-Portraits Morph Into Internet Movies (NYTIMES, Keith Schneider, March 18,2007) - and is part of a new digital revoltution that is happening as we live.
Nominated for several awards, this art-project that started off as a non-sense idea of someone who didn't now for sure if what he had proposed to himself was even possible, is now an example of media-art and its impact on studying nowadays society.

Noah: I am generally a very happy person. I do smile, just not when I take the photograph for this project. I like to call this a control.

Teaser do Workshop Comunic(ar-te) levado a cabo pela Associação Cultural Sem Palco em Julho'2009 na Biblioteca de S.Mamede Infesta (Matosinhos | Porto).


O vídeo é resultado de uma semana de oficina de expressão dramática a partir da peça "Leandro, Rei da Helíria" escrita por Alice Vieira.

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domingo, outubro 25, 2009

type casting for life

Today I went to visit my grandmother, the older one. She's my father's mother, and suddently it stroke me that people do get together because they share affinities between them.
She's almost ninety (2010 is the year when she completes that age). The other one, my other grandmother, had her 55th marriage anniversary...
All this to realise how many years we spend building our lives, trying to find a purpose and meaning for it.
For them, movies, books, theatre, have the minimum importante, nothing that I consider important nowadays to be important has made part of their lives.
I was looking into my grandmother's eyes and I saw no personal accomplishment, all she wants right now is that her legs worked normally like they used to and that her eyes didn't closed involuntarily like they do, forbidding her to see.
She said: "Maybe (the eyes close) it's because they've already seen what they had to see.". Both of my grandmothers deliver they lives to this superior force catholics call God. I got myself invaded by an immense sadness, and I questioned myself about whay are we here?!

All you need is love; reach out and thouch somebody's hand and make this world a better place; and that's what it all comes down to in the end - Life is wonderful - but why?

I look at this specimens of recent ancestry and I realise that both of them were fighters and that they have fought for what they believed it really mattered either it was to have a two floor house finished after emmigration or just raise alone three sons even if that meant to live in the other side of the Atlantic.
I look around and that maybe there are people that fight all their lives to make it worth it, but the ultimate feeling is that they didn't made it right, that their goals were accomplished but they had to abdicate personal life.
Somehow I cant' stop myself thinking that for some, life is just like that 'Trying to get it right,' to achieve that specific goal and overcome repercussions.
I'm the son of this matriarchy system; I carry this burden that is trying to get it right and in the end it I'll turn just like one of these women whose DNA run in my blood and there's nothing I can do to change fate - worse than that is to realise that fate does exist, and whatever path I decide to follow it will always lead me to this insatisfaction.
An existence that repeats itself like a washing machine cycle, a heritage of unbelonging, of feeling appart and to carry this big IF that could have turned anyone of us into one of those that fight and actually get it right.

[I wrote this with my personal handwriting and passed it here, a parallel of my own existence where I also try to get it right and try to make personal statements which I hope can help me change something and deviate the course of things as I see them...]

conceptual feelings

Dutch/Californian artist Bas Jan Ader was last seen in 1975 when he took off in what would have been the smallest sailboat ever to cross the Atlantic. He left behind a small oeuvre, often using gravity as a medium, which more than 30 years after his disappearance at sea is more influential than ever before.

Bas Jan Arder

jesper just - condensed narratives


Fundação Calouste Gulbekian

Primeira exposição individual em Portugal do artista dinamarquês, Jesper Just, conhecido internacionalmente pelos seus trabalhos em vídeo. A exposição inclui uma instalação vídeo de três filmes inter-relacionados do ponto de vista temático, o primeiro trabalho de Just, de 2002, No Man Is an Island, e o trabalho This Love is Silent, de 2003.

Esta exposição assinala a abertura do Festival Temps d’Images e é organizada em colaboração com o Nikolaj, Copenhagen Contemporary Art Center.

retirado daqui: moreallofme.blogspot.com


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Martha and Piaf

Martha Wainwright vai editar, a 9 de Novembro, um álbum integralmente feito de versões de canções de Edith Piaf. Com o título Sans Fusils, Ni Souliers,à Paris, o álbum inclui 12 versões gravadas ao vivo em actuações no Dixon Place Theatre, em Nova Iorque, em Junho, sob a atenção do produtor Hal Wilner.

em: sound + vision

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prison experiment

An experiment that should have lasted two weeks was interrupted after six days.

Stanford prison experiment

Philip Zimbardo

collaborative animation by BLU

updates: http://blublu.org/sito/blog/

o precipício


...um precipício não é pior que uma cama um raio de uma cama num raio de um hospital não dêem-me o precipício...

Gertrude - The Cry (Howard Barker)
Tradução - Constança Carvalho Homem


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overcome loneliness

- See that your needs are not merely yours. They (similar needs) are needs of billions of people. Hence, rejuvenate the broken contacts or friendships.

- See that the restlessness and agony produced by the deprivation of your needs is also there in billions. Try to find solutions to the needs of billions. You would feel togetherness by this.

- See that no body is completely satisfied and devoid of any needs. This would reduce your sense of loneliness and lowliness.

- Reaffirm that fulfillment of needs (including physical company) per se; do not make any one complete. It is not the end in itself. Fulfillment of needs is a means or way to conscious evolutionary transformation.

- Write, email, talk, read and communicate in every possible way... but with full understanding that even if you are alone, you are not lonely. You are together with other lone people!

grt: hamlet


there's a past stained with tears

In the End

we all bear the scars
yeah, we all feign a laugh
we all cry in the dark
get cut off before we start

and as your first act begins
you realise they're all waiting
for a fall, for a flaw, for the end

and there's a past stained with tears
could you talk to quiet my fears
could you pull me aside
just to acknowledge that i've tried

as your last breath begins
contently take it in
cause we all get it in
the end

and as your last breath begins
you find your demon's your best friend
and we all get it in
the end

Scott Matthew
Justin Bond & The Hungry March Band

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unreleased pictures...

Mamat's "The Swan" won the Golden Crown at the Budapest Film Festival, but never achieved full release in the West. The slow and haunting pace of the film centres round the extraordinary dreamlike performance of newcomer Anna Tokjaji. Her coming age, her romance with ambitious apparatchick Oscar (Emmanuel Radenski), and slow decline of their relationship stand as metaphors for the metamorphosis of rural society in Hungary under the collective farm regime.

...one writer, four continents, seven languages, one day

21 for 21 is a remarkable event of staged readings, full performances and devised works that rejoice in Barker’s playwriting, directing, poetry and painting.The festival is surprisingly diverse. It includes the long-established Royal Shakespeare Company who will be in Newcastle, England and the international Avatar Repertory Theatre who will be performing in the online world of Second Life.


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Wonderland from Hye Yeon Nam on Vimeo.

Hye Yeon Nam

Hye Yeon Nam is a digital media artist working in kinetic sculpture, audio and video in Atlanta and NYC. She is a Ph.D. candidate at Georgia Institute of Technology and holds a M.F.A. in digital media from Rhode Island School of Design. Her artwork reflects on human (e)motion, identity, and social issue.
Hye Yeon's art has been showcased by The Tank NYC, eyebeam in New York, SIGGRAPH 2008, Gana Art Center in Korea, and Cafa Art Museum in China. Her work has also been broadcasted on Discovery channel, and published in wired, and Makezine among other publications.

domingo, outubro 18, 2009


Future Places

The celebration of digital media between UT Austin and Portugal - University of Porto happened last week in several places.
Artists submitted their work in several shapes and "tones" promoting most of the times a dialogue between the machine and the user/spectator.
Talking about Digital and Local Cultures is somehow of a paradigm, the intersection results in several hybrids that either have no application on real life - and are used as a piece of art, just to decorate at the end of their path - or have in fact potential to become an artfact with utility after it's adapted to the answer the needs requested (whatever they are).
I'm not going to describe or analyze the results achieve by the artists and those who have presented their work at the exibition/competition, it's just a post-thought about what I saw and some of the reactions the more appart (but more aware and "needed") from this world people said about what they were seeing and experimenting.
The combination of Digital and Local could be compared to a "No man's Land" an urban void waiting to be filled with meaning and conceptualized.
The possibilities are innumerous and I believe its hard work to define what can, and what can not, be inserted into this fresh new label that has been emerging since the 90's when media art firts started to appear and show its debut's works.
The use of the internet to support one's artistic work can be misjudged and transported to a simplicity that in fact doesn't exist.
As a beginner in this technological world I find myself lost between the concepts of the artistic works and the technical vocabulary used to name the tools used to 'get the work done'.
Here we find ourselves beyond the use of hand tools, and raw materials, or so we think because in the end we find technological gadgets being used in the middle of crafty work and hand made supports.
So where does the digital based art stands? Is it the new future place? Is this new future place, a place we are not so appart of it?
Media Art is just a way of translation of what we humans (always humans) want to say or do, or simply underline to make it important to other human eyes to see?
Today as I saw Tim Burton's "Planet of the Apes" it ocurred to me that we are just lucky we did it so far, and not getting into the possibilities of paralell universes and alien existence, we got here by our own means, fighting several atrocities that have the importance they have and are part of our legacy (a legacy we can't deny) but it just might, that the so called Future Place is right now as we know it.
This probably sounds contradictory to somethings I usually write about the internet based society we live in, the society we (users) belong and that we can't all go hybrid as some of the results I've seen in the exibition and naturally some of them still provide this human and hand-made side of it that it's important to keep in mind.
Probably the important thing about this future place is that we don't feel the need to communicate with others and we find it easier to e-mail someone, but in the end the maority of us still need a solid ground to walk, still needs that important change of affection and care animals are known for.
In Tim Burton's film - an adaptation from the 1968 original - the apes were exactly a reproduction of what we have become in so many years of evolution, and it's very interesting that we - intelligent/thinking beings that live in the Pleistocene Era (funny, sounds like plasticine, an era of a kind of humans that can be modelled into anything) - still need to recurr to such personifications to understand our existence and behaviour.