quinta-feira, maio 07, 2009

coacção e pensamentos

And in that instant, between the shadows and evil,
the world stopped --
Lucifer rose from the faces of the couple in front of me,
screaming imperative orders, which I could not hear...
The blood filled up every arterie and vein of my body
alerting every sense to be aware of the dangers that
could outcome of a sudden and convulsive misjugdement.
In this presto adagio of my inner soul, a guardian angel
stood and fought with tenacious ferocity the darkness.
And in that fraction of time, between the shadows and evil,
the world stopped, and I cried, and broke, and ached, for
your arms, your strenght, your smell, your smile...
As I ran, and the world began again to appear
I craved for the confort of you.

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