quinta-feira, junho 11, 2009

presenting: [Voicings]

VOICINGS Vocalisation vs. Verbalisation
by Laura Malacart

Voicings is born out of the need to expose the potential violence that can be hidden in everyday speech, when the person involved is a foreigner, therefore a subject at times forced (as in the case of political refugees or economic migrants) to exist in another language and in another culture. Languages carry a political status and can be used to bully people socially or institutionally.

Using writing and live performance to camera, I worked with two sets of people who never meet: a group of refugees from an English language class and a group of white British professional actors and voice coaches. It was a key aspect for me (protesting against the sensationalism present in contemporary mainstream television) not to point the camera at the vulnerable subject: my aim was to apply a critique using the privileged subject.

I asked the refugees to write a short account of their problems caused by language barriers when they first came to the UK. These texts, or documented evidence, are the ‘scripts’, which I then give to professional actors to learn.

One script per actor, they have one hour to learn the short script. The one-off session is recorded on video/audio, the actors do not acknowledge the camera.

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