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The beggining of the series, later on justified in Twin Peaks: Fire Walk with Me, is the death of what would become one of the many icons that pontuate David Lynch's career and filmography. Both, the series and the after made prequel, are a mixed up exercise about one character - the unforgettable Laura Palmer - played by the actress Sheryl Lee.

The impossibility of rapid solution in David Lynch films is what at the same times makes the contrast with movies like "Elephant Man" and "A Straight Story" where we find a naturally distorced beauty and fragility, both examples of going along with the message the author is trying to build.
"Twin Peaks: Fire Walk with Me" comes together with the universed portrayed in "Blue Velvet" and later on again in "Lost Highway", "Mulholland Drive" and "Inland Empire" (e.g.) where beauty, as well as other concepts that remain "mumified" in our society retaining a meaning that shapes human behaviour's, are exploited in a very expressionistic and surreal way in order to promote the strangeness of living with such strict concepts. Universes filled with paralell existences where oniric dream is in a constant duel with the nightmare, essays about the brain activity and its perfect and obvious hability to distortion.

David Lynch's first works:

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