domingo, julho 26, 2009


escrevo. non-sense. palavras. eu. teclas. open-source video. body parts, needing for a new life. wanting a new kind of life. difference. automatic.
cyber love. body parts. dance. contemporary. question marks all over the place. happiness. thoughts. running out of battery, always running out of battery.
tab tab tab. press play listen music. cinema. movement. letters.
write letter

how are you. stop. don't have time to write anymore. love. always yours.

(need urgently to write)
read d.h. lawrence, and understand goals.
e de repente a idiomática universal toma conta dos meus dedos que escrevem coisas automáticas.
press space (again) listening to new music. words it's only words, and words are all i have to make people understand, and i don't really think so you're coming back into that door into my life.


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