quinta-feira, julho 23, 2009

open source video

at 22, July 2009

Kaltura (www.kaltura.com) today announced the public launch of Kaltura Community Edition, the world's first and only open source self-hosted online video platform. The new product, available for free download on Kaltura's community website www.kaltura.org, allows any site owner or web developer to easily and quickly integrate highly customizable video and interactive rich-media functionalities, including video management, publishing, uploading, importing, syndicating, editing, annotating, remixing, sharing, and advertising. The move puts Kaltura in a position to replicate in the online video space the impact and success of other open source companies such as Red Hat, MySQL, and Mozilla.

Online video is one of the hottest and fastest-growing markets. Rich media is being adopted and integrated into a growing number of websites, web-platforms, and web-services across all industries, including media and entertainment, enterprise, education, healthcare, government, defense and more. Until now publishers and developers who wanted to integrate advanced rich media capabilities had only two options – to develop rich-media functionalities in-house from scratch, or to subscribe to hosted services provided by one of the many proprietary SaaS video vendors. While in-house development is very time-consuming and not cost-effective, the latter 'outsourced' alternative has proven to be less secure, too pricy, and insufficiently flexible and extendible. (read more here)

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