quarta-feira, agosto 12, 2009

about getting lost in translation

True Blood - Season 2 Episode 8 (TIMEBOMB)


SOOKIE: He's your maker. Isn't he?!
ERIC: Don't use words you don't understand.
SOOKIE: You've a lot'a'love for him.
ERIC: Don't use words I don't understand.

The tv.show "True Blood" is about a newborn relationship between humans and slaughtering vampires searching for a possible co-existence together. A metaphor to the forever urgent need for understanding between different races, genres, cultures, etc.
Alan Ball, differently than he did in "Six Feet Under", here tries to establish a paralell - within this very juicy and thick blood spilling fiction - with our real world. Vampires are different and are labeled with several prejudices humans hold against their nature - as we often do towards minorities creating a mass blindness towards the natural essence of humanity, that lies on the complete knowledge of the other person before judgement of any kind - and in the modern age (of our Century) openminded individuals of both sides decide to unveal the "secret" and even create a new drink made out of synthetical blood (ranging all types) hoping to constitute a society where both vampires and humans can live side by side, without harming (one's more than the others).
As the episodes go, more trashy and "fang banger" it grows, but the subject remains the same: Can Vampires and Humans Co-exist?!
It is not because of the blood, or because of the predatory life-style the vampires have for thousands of years, or even the human urge to put an end to such terrible menace, it all comes down to the "getting lost in translation", the significance it has the understandment of sometimes un-comprehensible concepts people have according to different backgrounds and the troughout the years acquirements, as it happens on the up quoted dialogue between Sookie Stackhouse and Eric Northman (an over 1000 y.o. Vampire) about the saving of Eric's maker.

True Blood is not only about Vampires and Humans, that is absolutely the important subject, it's also about the other un-comprehensible things of ordinary and beyond life... A must see!

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