segunda-feira, agosto 17, 2009

about sleeping with the light on

There's only a first time for everything, and that is what sometimes defines the turns we make along the way.
It's very easy to disregard the responsability we have towards our on life and keep on going with looking ahead, always recurring to the same old excuses that make us what we are in the present, and that will inevitable forge what we'll become in the future.
I once wrote that the universe was "a congregation of human flaws", a sum of what we've left undone or unsaid.
A friend of mine usually says that the important is not to regret about those things; Life is about moving forward, scaling levels towards an adulthood that we have to face with serenity, otherwise the path just gets more difficult to climb.
Even now our generation (or at least the people I know) is going through anguish times, we could even call it "the anguish generation", a new era has deffinitly begun with the people that are now getting into adulthood, even though we keep fighting it (neither good or bad) to maintain our youth principles, our belief that we could have made better, or just because somehow we feel that we don't fit within a majority of people.
I often think about this question of understanding society and I often feel aside, like I'm watching, it's like we're too many and we are mere spectators of what surrounds us.
We're facing that critical time that the old people we knew (for several and different reasons), that meant and made a difference are dying, those people were doing things when our parents were alive, they were part of their society (even if they didn't knew them) now they belong to the roll of "celebrities" that became icons from the top one's to the local.
About sleeping with the light on, and about the link to the movie "Sleepers" is about the inner being in each one of us, about making ourselves valuable through life, about understanding that we might never stop feeling the same fears, that we might never understand the meaning of Life itself, but making every moment count, and it's in our hands to bring that to the real life without enclosing and turning blind for what the future might bring.
The responsability of choosing is ours and the consequences are not a runaway subject, but we have to choose, otherwise we'll get stuck and miss that train that is going highspeed ahead.

Ideas might look tangled, still they are here to mean something, at least to me they are.

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Eva Gonçalves disse...

There is always a certain degree of anguish in every every step of life... it's called living...but you're so right, it is made of choices and facing consequences of those choices, and knowing you can always make another better choice after that one! If you think you feel like an observer, just you wait 'till you're my age,lol!
Looks like you're on the right path though...
Pretty interesting this blog... congrats!