segunda-feira, agosto 03, 2009

across the universe

Across the Universe (2007) is a love story between Jude and Lucy, two characters that lead a plot of youth rebelion against the supremacy of power with the weapon (and belief) that love conquers and wins every battle.
Set in the years that orginated the well-known Beatles hits, we find cameos made by Joe Cocker and Bono supporting this film among a cast of young people that had the right amount of energy to translate the flower power urge that was lived then. In a time different from now, where revolutions made a difference a really ment strong changes in political views and human values standed out.
Like listening to a best of, of this renowned band from the sixties, the film is about the american also renowned war - The Vietnam War - that interfered between with the american way of life, and where the free spirit that The Beatles where "propagandig" fitted properly within the younger layers that were struggling against "uncle Sam's" war. (The Beatles and Vietnam)
And here the soundtrack goes exactly to the point where everything merges under the vision of Julie Taymor, producing a very surprising result, a very pop and charming musical about the values of love (all my loving), humanism (come together), fidelity (across the universe) and friendship (with a little help from my friends).

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