domingo, agosto 09, 2009

If you're not, you don't exist!

Are we facing the end of the world as we know it?! Or the beggining of the world as we imagined it... If so, we're very late, concerning the premonitions made by several books, essays, movies, musics, made in the past predicting a XXI'st Century full of hi-technology serving human kind in its most simple needs.
In the mid 90's we learned about a global village where everything was starting to engage in this decade of blustering development, so many times miscalled as EVOLUTION.

The video "Web Site Story" is a metaphor for what is happening concerning the sea of virtual networks that springs everyday, leading to a need (an addiction) to multiply yourself in several identities, each one serving better the community you're trying to integrate. Of course this is something that could not disrupt the individual's identity, except that it might start to decrease the "humanity levels" by depending so much on the machines, to serve the need of communication and relationships.
Like little children we are know starting to understand this new world that has begun to blossom several years now, and yet we're still counting from zero.

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