segunda-feira, agosto 31, 2009

you've got mail

The 1998 movie "You've Got Mail" starring Meg Ryan and Tom Hanks, was about cyber communication and the unknowledgment of who the other person was, this often mislead the users of this cyber-world where people had no faces or individuality, those could be invented according to the desires of each one. Fantasies, dreams, unachieved goals, could turn out to become real in this paralell world of human existence.
Years later, the internet became a "safe place" to uncover/discover yourself, express your real individuality and post it to the entire world of users, creating a paralell world of existence where suddently people were typing about their fragilities, fears, and retoric questions about existence, till we've reached to this point where the invented existence goes beyond human physical existence, and where transhumance often occurs by the necessity we have to imply seasonal movement towards "inhabited" places and start from ground zero rebuilding ourselves. Transhumance as it says implies the need to move trough different "pastures" and develop the growth, in this case of human knowledge and consciousness.

"Anything that we are aware of at a given moment forms part of our consciousness, making conscious experience at once the most familiar and most mysterious aspect of our lives"
—Schneider and Velmans, 2007
This constant need of new experience has been replaced by a sedentary exchange of information, and yet (for it is reasonable to think so), we find difficult to deal with life management, that recollects everyday new applications transforming it into a congregation of widget based experiences; Time management has replaced "quality time", absorbing our concentration and ability to experience and save quality moments.
I'm not trying to define the internet based communication as the default problem of so many of the questions we have nowadays towards human life, in fact I believe it is absolutely a major factor in this globalized world, where connectivity is undeniably what makes the world go round (0's and 1's generally speaking).
Underestimation has often lead to failure...There's nothing wrong about getting real, lullabies are truer when they are whispered, nicknames are like clothes and get oudated very quick, and tears and smiles are more than just punctuation marks.

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Anónimo disse...

é só uma inevitabilidade do progresso. em breve estes alter egos formados do zero vão fazer parte das convenções do conhecimento humano.