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retroculture : The Cassette Resurrection

On an iPod generation, cassettes have turned into a retro object, worth being brought again to our days with other utilities:

recycle: designboom/cassette tape culture

ready-made by Gabriela Piserchia and Leandro Lobosco: Redimei Objetos Binários

celebrate don't forget - Vanessa Serna: Cassette is not dead

coin it by Marcella Foschi: Private Circle

case it on a cassette for iPod's (Nano Cases) by Nathan Lee and Trevor Coghill: Contexture Design

don't loose them, all together use them!: Creative Barn

artigo na revista DIF edição de 7º aniversário

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who will it be?!

Oscar Verdicts on Mirren, Clooney, Jackson

By Steve Pond
Published: October 29, 2009

These days, Oscar is a waiting game. Most of the films that are in contention for the top awards have made the festival circuit or been screened around town; in the best-picture race, there’s probably not much left to see.

But what is left is significant. Rob Marshall’s musical “Nine,” Peter Jackson’s “The Lovely Bones,” Clint Eastwood’s “Invictus” and James Cameron’s “Avatar” – those four films, none of which have screened to any significant degree, occupy four of the 10 slots on the majority of Oscar pundits’ forecast sheets.

So while we’re waiting to get a look at the fearsome foursome, the latest round of Oscar verdicts will examine a handful of films looking to score in the acting and foreign-language categories … plus, just for kicks, the movie that Elizabeth Taylor thinks should be up for everything. [... read more]

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Noah K. Everyday

A personal work-in-progress of self-documentation, that has already made a statement about the online existence - like it is said in the Italian Journal Il Manifesto "Everyday, tutta una vita nel web".
Noah started this project when he was 19 in 2000, nine years of this ageing process that is the natural human work-in-progress project for life.
Aquired and selected to be shown in several art galleries, Noah K. Everyday project has set a hallmark in the history of photography - Look at Me, World! Self-Portraits Morph Into Internet Movies (NYTIMES, Keith Schneider, March 18,2007) - and is part of a new digital revoltution that is happening as we live.
Nominated for several awards, this art-project that started off as a non-sense idea of someone who didn't now for sure if what he had proposed to himself was even possible, is now an example of media-art and its impact on studying nowadays society.

Noah: I am generally a very happy person. I do smile, just not when I take the photograph for this project. I like to call this a control.

Teaser do Workshop Comunic(ar-te) levado a cabo pela Associação Cultural Sem Palco em Julho'2009 na Biblioteca de S.Mamede Infesta (Matosinhos | Porto).


O vídeo é resultado de uma semana de oficina de expressão dramática a partir da peça "Leandro, Rei da Helíria" escrita por Alice Vieira.

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type casting for life

Today I went to visit my grandmother, the older one. She's my father's mother, and suddently it stroke me that people do get together because they share affinities between them.
She's almost ninety (2010 is the year when she completes that age). The other one, my other grandmother, had her 55th marriage anniversary...
All this to realise how many years we spend building our lives, trying to find a purpose and meaning for it.
For them, movies, books, theatre, have the minimum importante, nothing that I consider important nowadays to be important has made part of their lives.
I was looking into my grandmother's eyes and I saw no personal accomplishment, all she wants right now is that her legs worked normally like they used to and that her eyes didn't closed involuntarily like they do, forbidding her to see.
She said: "Maybe (the eyes close) it's because they've already seen what they had to see.". Both of my grandmothers deliver they lives to this superior force catholics call God. I got myself invaded by an immense sadness, and I questioned myself about whay are we here?!

All you need is love; reach out and thouch somebody's hand and make this world a better place; and that's what it all comes down to in the end - Life is wonderful - but why?

I look at this specimens of recent ancestry and I realise that both of them were fighters and that they have fought for what they believed it really mattered either it was to have a two floor house finished after emmigration or just raise alone three sons even if that meant to live in the other side of the Atlantic.
I look around and that maybe there are people that fight all their lives to make it worth it, but the ultimate feeling is that they didn't made it right, that their goals were accomplished but they had to abdicate personal life.
Somehow I cant' stop myself thinking that for some, life is just like that 'Trying to get it right,' to achieve that specific goal and overcome repercussions.
I'm the son of this matriarchy system; I carry this burden that is trying to get it right and in the end it I'll turn just like one of these women whose DNA run in my blood and there's nothing I can do to change fate - worse than that is to realise that fate does exist, and whatever path I decide to follow it will always lead me to this insatisfaction.
An existence that repeats itself like a washing machine cycle, a heritage of unbelonging, of feeling appart and to carry this big IF that could have turned anyone of us into one of those that fight and actually get it right.

[I wrote this with my personal handwriting and passed it here, a parallel of my own existence where I also try to get it right and try to make personal statements which I hope can help me change something and deviate the course of things as I see them...]

conceptual feelings

Dutch/Californian artist Bas Jan Ader was last seen in 1975 when he took off in what would have been the smallest sailboat ever to cross the Atlantic. He left behind a small oeuvre, often using gravity as a medium, which more than 30 years after his disappearance at sea is more influential than ever before.

Bas Jan Arder

jesper just - condensed narratives


Fundação Calouste Gulbekian

Primeira exposição individual em Portugal do artista dinamarquês, Jesper Just, conhecido internacionalmente pelos seus trabalhos em vídeo. A exposição inclui uma instalação vídeo de três filmes inter-relacionados do ponto de vista temático, o primeiro trabalho de Just, de 2002, No Man Is an Island, e o trabalho This Love is Silent, de 2003.

Esta exposição assinala a abertura do Festival Temps d’Images e é organizada em colaboração com o Nikolaj, Copenhagen Contemporary Art Center.

retirado daqui: moreallofme.blogspot.com


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Martha and Piaf

Martha Wainwright vai editar, a 9 de Novembro, um álbum integralmente feito de versões de canções de Edith Piaf. Com o título Sans Fusils, Ni Souliers,à Paris, o álbum inclui 12 versões gravadas ao vivo em actuações no Dixon Place Theatre, em Nova Iorque, em Junho, sob a atenção do produtor Hal Wilner.

em: sound + vision

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prison experiment

An experiment that should have lasted two weeks was interrupted after six days.

Stanford prison experiment

Philip Zimbardo

collaborative animation by BLU

updates: http://blublu.org/sito/blog/

o precipício


...um precipício não é pior que uma cama um raio de uma cama num raio de um hospital não dêem-me o precipício...

Gertrude - The Cry (Howard Barker)
Tradução - Constança Carvalho Homem


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overcome loneliness

- See that your needs are not merely yours. They (similar needs) are needs of billions of people. Hence, rejuvenate the broken contacts or friendships.

- See that the restlessness and agony produced by the deprivation of your needs is also there in billions. Try to find solutions to the needs of billions. You would feel togetherness by this.

- See that no body is completely satisfied and devoid of any needs. This would reduce your sense of loneliness and lowliness.

- Reaffirm that fulfillment of needs (including physical company) per se; do not make any one complete. It is not the end in itself. Fulfillment of needs is a means or way to conscious evolutionary transformation.

- Write, email, talk, read and communicate in every possible way... but with full understanding that even if you are alone, you are not lonely. You are together with other lone people!

grt: hamlet


there's a past stained with tears

In the End

we all bear the scars
yeah, we all feign a laugh
we all cry in the dark
get cut off before we start

and as your first act begins
you realise they're all waiting
for a fall, for a flaw, for the end

and there's a past stained with tears
could you talk to quiet my fears
could you pull me aside
just to acknowledge that i've tried

as your last breath begins
contently take it in
cause we all get it in
the end

and as your last breath begins
you find your demon's your best friend
and we all get it in
the end

Scott Matthew
Justin Bond & The Hungry March Band

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unreleased pictures...

Mamat's "The Swan" won the Golden Crown at the Budapest Film Festival, but never achieved full release in the West. The slow and haunting pace of the film centres round the extraordinary dreamlike performance of newcomer Anna Tokjaji. Her coming age, her romance with ambitious apparatchick Oscar (Emmanuel Radenski), and slow decline of their relationship stand as metaphors for the metamorphosis of rural society in Hungary under the collective farm regime.

...one writer, four continents, seven languages, one day

21 for 21 is a remarkable event of staged readings, full performances and devised works that rejoice in Barker’s playwriting, directing, poetry and painting.The festival is surprisingly diverse. It includes the long-established Royal Shakespeare Company who will be in Newcastle, England and the international Avatar Repertory Theatre who will be performing in the online world of Second Life.


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Wonderland from Hye Yeon Nam on Vimeo.

Hye Yeon Nam

Hye Yeon Nam is a digital media artist working in kinetic sculpture, audio and video in Atlanta and NYC. She is a Ph.D. candidate at Georgia Institute of Technology and holds a M.F.A. in digital media from Rhode Island School of Design. Her artwork reflects on human (e)motion, identity, and social issue.
Hye Yeon's art has been showcased by The Tank NYC, eyebeam in New York, SIGGRAPH 2008, Gana Art Center in Korea, and Cafa Art Museum in China. Her work has also been broadcasted on Discovery channel, and published in wired, and Makezine among other publications.

domingo, outubro 18, 2009


Future Places

The celebration of digital media between UT Austin and Portugal - University of Porto happened last week in several places.
Artists submitted their work in several shapes and "tones" promoting most of the times a dialogue between the machine and the user/spectator.
Talking about Digital and Local Cultures is somehow of a paradigm, the intersection results in several hybrids that either have no application on real life - and are used as a piece of art, just to decorate at the end of their path - or have in fact potential to become an artfact with utility after it's adapted to the answer the needs requested (whatever they are).
I'm not going to describe or analyze the results achieve by the artists and those who have presented their work at the exibition/competition, it's just a post-thought about what I saw and some of the reactions the more appart (but more aware and "needed") from this world people said about what they were seeing and experimenting.
The combination of Digital and Local could be compared to a "No man's Land" an urban void waiting to be filled with meaning and conceptualized.
The possibilities are innumerous and I believe its hard work to define what can, and what can not, be inserted into this fresh new label that has been emerging since the 90's when media art firts started to appear and show its debut's works.
The use of the internet to support one's artistic work can be misjudged and transported to a simplicity that in fact doesn't exist.
As a beginner in this technological world I find myself lost between the concepts of the artistic works and the technical vocabulary used to name the tools used to 'get the work done'.
Here we find ourselves beyond the use of hand tools, and raw materials, or so we think because in the end we find technological gadgets being used in the middle of crafty work and hand made supports.
So where does the digital based art stands? Is it the new future place? Is this new future place, a place we are not so appart of it?
Media Art is just a way of translation of what we humans (always humans) want to say or do, or simply underline to make it important to other human eyes to see?
Today as I saw Tim Burton's "Planet of the Apes" it ocurred to me that we are just lucky we did it so far, and not getting into the possibilities of paralell universes and alien existence, we got here by our own means, fighting several atrocities that have the importance they have and are part of our legacy (a legacy we can't deny) but it just might, that the so called Future Place is right now as we know it.
This probably sounds contradictory to somethings I usually write about the internet based society we live in, the society we (users) belong and that we can't all go hybrid as some of the results I've seen in the exibition and naturally some of them still provide this human and hand-made side of it that it's important to keep in mind.
Probably the important thing about this future place is that we don't feel the need to communicate with others and we find it easier to e-mail someone, but in the end the maority of us still need a solid ground to walk, still needs that important change of affection and care animals are known for.
In Tim Burton's film - an adaptation from the 1968 original - the apes were exactly a reproduction of what we have become in so many years of evolution, and it's very interesting that we - intelligent/thinking beings that live in the Pleistocene Era (funny, sounds like plasticine, an era of a kind of humans that can be modelled into anything) - still need to recurr to such personifications to understand our existence and behaviour.

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brutal fucking murder

let's get physical

Human beings are good at their ability to do physical activities, the use of the body in several diferent ways and shapes, learning through life how to adapt it to several situations - growing to reach something, curving or make it smaller to go through tiny and/or narrowed places - or even not listening to the physical needs the body has to keep up in shape and good health leading to its deteoriation.
So if humans are excellent manufacturers that suddently felt the urge and continuous necessity to replace that capacity that somehow differs humans from the rest of the animals in the planet (some of them are also good manufacturers) for the construction and invention of technical gadgets:

1 - to save the effort needed to buid the Egypt Pyramids.
2 - to prove our own intelligence, to whom?! other than ourselves?! To make a statement about the evolution of human race.

Suddently we formed a paralell of Systems Intelligence controled by us, but that grows exponentially deforming our ability of concentration to new things - we no longer have the need to do randomly find something that's worth stoping for and "absorve" it, we now either record it or google it later - and also causing atrophy transforming us from physical individuals to a mass of gadget-based individuals that panic everytime the machine decides to fail.

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new 90's style...

back again to "Freedom" video, now promoting D&G fragrances.

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Broadband promised to unite the world with super-fast data delivery - but in South Africa it seems the web is still no faster than a humble pigeon.

Winston the pigeon carries a 4GB memory stick across country.


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forcing boundaries#3

Daquilo que consegui ver este ano no Festival TRAMA, havia uma temática recorrente, a de tentar quebrar com certos limites, com certas regras, com conjuntos de restrições que à partida nos impediriam de fazer alguma coisa. Algum espectáculo...
No meio de tanta indefinição e linguagens reformuladas, uma e outra vez, e cada vez mais desfragmentadas, qual é o lugar da performance nos dias de hoje.
Ainda na esteira do virtuosismo, que vem presente em alguns dos meus pensamentos neste blog, acredito que a procura por limites desconhecidos é algo que sempre fez parte da criação artística, "uma nova maneira de fazer as coisas, de dizer as coisas".
Essa necessidade sempre implícita em qualquer mensagem que se queira passar obriga necessariamente e uma contínua adaptação, uma nova forma de perceber aquilo que nos rodeia ou o que está dentro de nós.
Em "Spectacular" dos Forced Entertainment existe esse motivo condutor, presente aliás no próprio trabalho da companhia, aqui literalmente descrito de forma meta-teatral e onde se forçam os limites do discurso teatral. Juliana Snapper procura um discurso metafórico utilizando recursos que entram directamente em conflito com o seu próprio corpo e a sua própria acção.
Jérôme Bel assume o papel de "contador de histórias" em forma documental de uma bailarina; em "Véronique Doisneau" é a própria que nos conta a sua história e re-apresenta em forma retrospectiva os seus momentos na Ópera Nacional de Paris depois de informar que uma operação aos vinte anos a deveria ter retirado da dança.
Três momentos do Festival que viviam desta necessidade de exploração de limites, de quebrar barreiras, seja pela presença da personagem "Morte" em palco que nos fala sobre um espectáculo que não chega a acontecer, seja por colocar o público numa situação pouco usual - nas piscinas do Fluvial - e invocar a imagética dos vídeos de Matthew Barney numa opereta dentro (e fora) de água, ou por simplesmente documentar a vontade e esforço da bailarina Véronique Doisneau...

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forcing boundaries#2

Juliana Snapper

sábado, outubro 10, 2009

forcing boundaries

an hilarious voyage through an unexistent performance, an unexistent "spectacle"; conducted by a lonely performer (with someone on stage performing their bit of the show) but undeniably alone.


@TRAMA 2009

artigo de Tiago Bartolomeu Costa no Ípsilon

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holy land


Unemployment occurs when a person is available to work and seeking work but currently without work.[1] The prevalence of unemployment is usually measured using the unemployment rate, which is defined as the percentage of those in the labor force who are unemployed. The unemployment rate is also used in economic studies and economic indices such as the United States' Conference Board's Index of Leading Indicators as a measure of the state of the macroeconomics.

more here:
wikipedia: Unemployment

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You Who Will Emerge From The Flood… (An Underwater Operella)

Have you considered singing in other extreme conditions, for example zero gravity, in space?

I thought about that when Stockhausen died -- he fantasised about concerts on a space station. But I’m very attached to the earth. And I am interested in what it means to accept the end of things -- instead of trying to keep things that are dear to us alive at any cost. The environmental crisis really encapsulates (American) tendencies to associate death only with horror, or else to create an escape hatch. I think our anxieties about climate change expose our relationships more generally to dread and grief. If water symbolizes emotion, then the waters that threaten to swallow up cities also suggest an inevitable confrontation with the feelings we try to avoid. The Bush administration animated the inhumanity that comes out of paralysis and efforts to get around the reality of things – I’m thinking of the evangelical shtick of the Rapture which really infected policy decisions. Those eight years were all about deliverance for a few lucky families and their cronies. The Five Fathoms Opera Project proffers a different kind of rapture. Should we fail to adapt to our changing landscape, then lets go out noisily, collectively, juicily.
But as for other extreme conditions, my next project involves teaching people how to sing while they are working, and being out of work. We treat singing as something to do only in private or for leisure. But I want to mobilize singing as a tool to put pleasure and self-expression where those things are systematically frozen.
Its too early to say but I'm also excited about a conversation i just had with my cousin Urijah, a brilliant cage-fighter, about the possibility of cage opera...

11 Outubro'09 (Sábado) 22h | Piscinas Fluvial

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love stories

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O MOVIMENTO MÉRITO E SOCIEDADE (MMS) revela uma louvável preocupação face à criminalidade sexual e particularmente a pedofilia. É sugestão e projeto do MMS a introdução da castração química nos culpados de tão hediondo crime. Todavia há um pormenor que escapa ao partido de Eduardo Correia – a castração química não acaba com a pedofilia, apenas impossibilita o violador de cometer a violação por meio do órgão sexual. Há dados comprovativos, norte-americanos, que indicam que os pedófilos quimicamente castrados passam a cometer a violação recorrendo a objectos, uma vez que o ato é do foro psicológico.

retirado daqui

Philippe Quesne

Serge is an odd duck, not antisocial but awkward, with a thoughtful, self-effacing presence. Vourc'h leads us through his life, listing the stores in the mini-mall down the street, giving a minutiae-laden tour of his apartment/workshop, explaining the play's mechanics and minimalist plot: Every Sunday, Serge invites friends to his apartment to view his latest brief spectacle. He solicitously offers drinks, seats his guests, and introduces his "shows" with titles such as "Rolling Effect on Music by Handel" (sparkler on remote-controlled box on carpet), "Laser Effect on Music by John Cage" (laser doodles on the wall), "Firework Effect on the Music by Vic Chesnutt" (kitchen science on shoes and wire).

parlez moi d'amour


commercial for a concept

Due to the consideration that not only products but concepts and ideas need publicity, this project is about producing "commercials for a concept". What is a concept? Let´s answer with an example: "I suggest: Friesenpool" is a commercial that promotes the building of an open air public pool instead of another office building in the city center. The idea was to improve the quality of life and to create a new symbol for the urban center. A concept is everything but a product I guess. But this is not really true. A publicity for a product that doesn´t exist is a "commercial for a concept" as well. We feel a need for new concepts and ideas regarding our public and personal lives. Let´s promote them!

by Ulu Braun

EGO_até 11 de Outubro

Em "EGO", a peça encenada por João Pedro Vaz - em cena no TDNMariaII até 11 de Outubro'09 - fala-se daquilo que nós somos, da nossa vontade de multiplicação, do nosso desejo de controlar o incontrolável, de medir a vastidão da nossa existência e definir aquilo que nós somos até à partícula mais infimamente qualificada como tal; fala-se dos momentos inexplicáveis.

O cérebro é mais vasto do que o céu. (Emily Dickinson)

A viagem começa numa hipotética teorização sobre como será o nosso cérebro, numa inexistência de identidade, e gradualmente o espectador é incluído numa "aula prática" onde se experimentam as falhas e onde tudo aquilo que é inexplicável vive e lateja entre Alex, Alice e Derek; um triângulo que personagens que mergulham de uma plataforma inicialmente confortável de uma simples conferência acerca desse EGO, essência, esse "eu" que define a maior parte dos seres humanos para além de uma quantidade (identificada) de elementos naturais, orgânicos e biológica, física e quimicamente comprovados, para a dolorosa experiência de cada um dos seus "eus" sofrer com um erro incontornável.