sábado, outubro 17, 2009

let's get physical

Human beings are good at their ability to do physical activities, the use of the body in several diferent ways and shapes, learning through life how to adapt it to several situations - growing to reach something, curving or make it smaller to go through tiny and/or narrowed places - or even not listening to the physical needs the body has to keep up in shape and good health leading to its deteoriation.
So if humans are excellent manufacturers that suddently felt the urge and continuous necessity to replace that capacity that somehow differs humans from the rest of the animals in the planet (some of them are also good manufacturers) for the construction and invention of technical gadgets:

1 - to save the effort needed to buid the Egypt Pyramids.
2 - to prove our own intelligence, to whom?! other than ourselves?! To make a statement about the evolution of human race.

Suddently we formed a paralell of Systems Intelligence controled by us, but that grows exponentially deforming our ability of concentration to new things - we no longer have the need to do randomly find something that's worth stoping for and "absorve" it, we now either record it or google it later - and also causing atrophy transforming us from physical individuals to a mass of gadget-based individuals that panic everytime the machine decides to fail.

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