quarta-feira, outubro 21, 2009

overcome loneliness

- See that your needs are not merely yours. They (similar needs) are needs of billions of people. Hence, rejuvenate the broken contacts or friendships.

- See that the restlessness and agony produced by the deprivation of your needs is also there in billions. Try to find solutions to the needs of billions. You would feel togetherness by this.

- See that no body is completely satisfied and devoid of any needs. This would reduce your sense of loneliness and lowliness.

- Reaffirm that fulfillment of needs (including physical company) per se; do not make any one complete. It is not the end in itself. Fulfillment of needs is a means or way to conscious evolutionary transformation.

- Write, email, talk, read and communicate in every possible way... but with full understanding that even if you are alone, you are not lonely. You are together with other lone people!

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