quarta-feira, outubro 28, 2009


Noah K. Everyday

A personal work-in-progress of self-documentation, that has already made a statement about the online existence - like it is said in the Italian Journal Il Manifesto "Everyday, tutta una vita nel web".
Noah started this project when he was 19 in 2000, nine years of this ageing process that is the natural human work-in-progress project for life.
Aquired and selected to be shown in several art galleries, Noah K. Everyday project has set a hallmark in the history of photography - Look at Me, World! Self-Portraits Morph Into Internet Movies (NYTIMES, Keith Schneider, March 18,2007) - and is part of a new digital revoltution that is happening as we live.
Nominated for several awards, this art-project that started off as a non-sense idea of someone who didn't now for sure if what he had proposed to himself was even possible, is now an example of media-art and its impact on studying nowadays society.

Noah: I am generally a very happy person. I do smile, just not when I take the photograph for this project. I like to call this a control.

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