terça-feira, outubro 20, 2009

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Mamat's "The Swan" won the Golden Crown at the Budapest Film Festival, but never achieved full release in the West. The slow and haunting pace of the film centres round the extraordinary dreamlike performance of newcomer Anna Tokjaji. Her coming age, her romance with ambitious apparatchick Oscar (Emmanuel Radenski), and slow decline of their relationship stand as metaphors for the metamorphosis of rural society in Hungary under the collective farm regime.

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imenso disse...

ó meu pequenino, eles passaram-te a perna!

"Original Soundtracks 1 (also known as Original Soundtracks) is a 1995 album recorded by U2 and Brian Eno, as a side project, under the pseudonym Passengers. It is a collection of songs written for mostly imaginary movies (the exclusions being songs for Heat, Ghost In The Shell, Miss Sarajevo, and Beyond the Clouds).!

a wikipédia também explica que os nomes que aparecem nas sinopses dos filmes são, grande parte, anagramas dos nomes dos artistas!