quinta-feira, outubro 08, 2009

You Who Will Emerge From The Flood… (An Underwater Operella)

Have you considered singing in other extreme conditions, for example zero gravity, in space?

I thought about that when Stockhausen died -- he fantasised about concerts on a space station. But I’m very attached to the earth. And I am interested in what it means to accept the end of things -- instead of trying to keep things that are dear to us alive at any cost. The environmental crisis really encapsulates (American) tendencies to associate death only with horror, or else to create an escape hatch. I think our anxieties about climate change expose our relationships more generally to dread and grief. If water symbolizes emotion, then the waters that threaten to swallow up cities also suggest an inevitable confrontation with the feelings we try to avoid. The Bush administration animated the inhumanity that comes out of paralysis and efforts to get around the reality of things – I’m thinking of the evangelical shtick of the Rapture which really infected policy decisions. Those eight years were all about deliverance for a few lucky families and their cronies. The Five Fathoms Opera Project proffers a different kind of rapture. Should we fail to adapt to our changing landscape, then lets go out noisily, collectively, juicily.
But as for other extreme conditions, my next project involves teaching people how to sing while they are working, and being out of work. We treat singing as something to do only in private or for leisure. But I want to mobilize singing as a tool to put pleasure and self-expression where those things are systematically frozen.
Its too early to say but I'm also excited about a conversation i just had with my cousin Urijah, a brilliant cage-fighter, about the possibility of cage opera...

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