quinta-feira, novembro 26, 2009

sleep disorders

It's hard to sleep when you go to bed with more than yourself, when all the unsolved problems lie there - by your side - mocking the fact that you are trying to get a little rest, trying to forget everything else.
I'm not talking about isomnia, I'm talking about a thing that happens to me all the time, that is I go to bed tired and wake up even more tired, I don't dream to much, I try to abstract myself from all the things that cross my mind in those moments I'm turning side to side, trying to find a position where all my existence can sustain from existing and die for a few hours. (In all this years, I could never find a really good position to sleep, something is always unconfortable, like if a part of my body should not be there...)
What is more difficult for me to understand is why do other people have the right to upset your own sleep, the moment you really have left for yourself to not use and be glad about it, to enjoy all of it spent in this need... In this absolute state of unexistence that we humans don't dispense - or, on the other hand, are very aware of the damages caused by the lack of it.
And here we are all concerned with each other, trying to get a little rest from our busy and unsettled days, and that not only gets in our way through our schedule moments, also develops sleeping disorders. It's as simple as this, people should care more about how their coworkers, colleagues, lovers, friends (etc.) sleep in order to avoid those tiny and unsettling negative details that are the cause for "playing fake roles" within those you should be nurturing a healthy realtionship.

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