domingo, janeiro 03, 2010


for it begins
again another year.

resolutions taken, or at least the ones that seem to be the important ones in a stage where it actually hasn't begun yet. Or it seems only to be last year's prorogation of yet to come news and actions.

it begins with the strange feeling that nothing was really left behind, like a 3D reality show of our lifes. If a show like those was "to be continued..." things would be just the same as they were. What really changes are the attitudes of people towards what comes around, like a meteor shower as a side effect of that blue moon that enlightened the New Year sky in shades of blue.

again another year, and the main resolution is to act differently, and it could be just as easy as to unplug the USB cable of your computer and try to plug it again, years could easily become something we could download and change the settings after what we have learned during the whole year. Regrets and mistakes could be easily swept away through a click of cyber cleanness...

"And now the end is near, so I face the final curtain... My friend, I'll say it clear, I'll state my case... I've lived a life that's full... I did it my My Way"

for it begins
another year of laughs, desillusionment, likes and dislikes, nonsense updates, increasing 'paralell' activity, crying, surprise and self induced anxiety.

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