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Trailer: A Little Larger Than The Universe

Music: Yasushi Yoshida – Dance Piece (Album: Secret Figure – 2006); Perfume Genius (Mike Hadreas) – excerpt from Gay Angels (Album: Learning - 2010); Susanne Abbuehl – Somewhere I Have Never Travelled, Gladly Beyond (Album: April – 2001); Ryonkt –Fragment 04 (Album: Four Fragments - 2009)

Texts: “Somewhere I Have Never Travelled, Gladly Beyond” E. E. Cummings; Excerpts from Carl Sagan’s novel “Contact”; Articles and texts from Credit Suisse Magazine – edition Movement; phrases from Anna Halprin, Louise Bourgeois.

experimenting the body

“Everything in life is movement. Everything in the universe moves.”, Anna Halprin

“A Little Larger Than The Universe” is a video dance documenting the work made with students of the “Initiation to the Theatre” seminar that took place in March 2010 by the Universitary Theatre of Porto (Portugal). Travelling through one’s body is an endless journey of discovering places that we normally don’t visit and that stay forever hidden… Balance, Weight, Gravity taken for granted… turning your body upside down automatically gives us the impression of a different perspective about life.
Going beyond the known places of our body and how it moves provides self acknowledgment and assurance about the fragility of this ‘machine’ that sets its grounds on perpetual motion. Nothing stops; everything flows into a perfect uniqueness of existence. Man is animal on the move.

Dancers: Bernardo Braga, Carlos Casa Branca, Carolina Vaz Pires, Diana Fernandes, Diogo Martins, Filipe Marinho, Helena Marinho, Helena Matos, Isabel Freitas, Joana Batista, Joana Filipa, Pedro Ferreira, Rafael Lopes, Raquel Sousa, Regina Abreu, Tiago Argias

true love

Eric: You know I love you more when you're cold and heartless.

Teaser: A Little Larger Than The Universe

Editing: Daniel Pinheiro
Image Captured by: Helena Matos and Tiago Bôto
Voice (off): Tiago Bôto

Music: Yasushi Yoshida

More info soon | Mais informação brevemente

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the lady is dead by Roy Raz

if we did ever stopped time

Ne pas alourdir ses pensées du poids de ses souliers
André Breton, Nadja, 1928

nothing stays the same

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working on:

Gaga for Vogue

Lady Gaga poses as "Jo Calderone" for Vogue Japan

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special effects

Alice in Wonderland - United Kingdom (1903)
DIR Cecil Hepworth, Percy Stow
CAST May Clark, Cecil Hepworth

we leave a mess

"...A woman left alone...if it was me I wouldn't - wouldn't what - let such a beauty out of my sight..."

She became his country until they both found war in between them. He became her strength until they found there was too much of many worlds in between them. They had to shout the beggining of their love. She defended that there was a moment, a specific moment, when we become humans.
The cleaner says that is all about our point of view, just like night becomes day and day becomes night. People clean our lives everyday and in fact they just move the dirt around - dirt consultants of the things we can't erase, the invisibility of everything grows into our lives...
Sally Potter's 'YES' is about this almost shakespearean sonnet dedicated to our simple existence, to the humanity that still is left. Done as an incredible piece of art, YES turned out not just to be a great movie, but a beautifully and almost ethereal work that floats above our intelect and touches the inconscience of feelings.
YES is a classic contemporary tragedy about He and She, about our origins and longings and how all is part of us, how the individual is about aknowledging the "we" that everyone needs to understand.

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humans were born to move

"Everything in life is movement, everything in the universe moves. What are the dances that our souls call for?"
Anna Halprin

related: "Anna Halprin Dances to Live"

are the 30's actually the new 20's?

David Wright

THE 20S ARE LIKE the stem cell of human development, the pluripotent moment when any of several outcomes is possible. Decisions and actions during this time have lasting ramifications. The 20s are when most people accumulate almost all of their formal education; when most people meet their future spouses and the friends they will keep; when most people start on the careers that they will stay with for many years. This is when adventures, experiments, travels, relationships are embarked on with an abandon that probably will not happen again.

Published: August 18, 2010
"What Is It About 20-Somethings?"

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casting the new stars...

The Romantics (2010)

Katie Holmes; Anna Paquin; Josh Duhamel; Malin Åkerman; Jeremy Strong; Candice Bergen; Adam Brody; Elijah Wood; Dianna Agron; Rebecca Lawrence

The poetics of space

Sometimes the house of the future is better built, lighter and larger than all the houses of the past, so that the image of the dream house is opposed to that of the childhood home…. Maybe it is a good things for us to keep a few dreams of a house that we shall live in later, always later, so much later, in fact, that we shall not have time to achieve it. For a house that was final, one that stood in symmetrical relation to the house we were born in, would lead to thoughts—serious, sad thoughts—and not to dreams. It is better to live in a state of impermanence than in one of finality.

Gaston Bachelard, The Poetics of Space

Zombies and porn

OTTO; or, UP WITH DEAD PEOPLE ; Dir. Bruce LaBruce

“The dead look so terribly dead when they're dead”
W. Somerset Maugham, The Razor's Edge, 1943


misty afternoons

Jacqueline du Pré

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Devendra Banhart

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upgrading humanity

ao ar livre em Lisboa...

'Fahrenheit 451' Bombeiros Sapadores da Graça (14 Agosto)

Jardim do Palácio Galveias (15 Agosto)

na programação de LISBOA NA RUA | COM’OUT LISBON

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Noites de Agosto... Um olhar sobre o Porto no Terraço na Rua Arménia 10/18.
O Porto...ó Porto

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Any Which Way

by everynone

WORDS from Everynone on Vimeo.


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August mood

There's a 71 years old Technicolor Yellow Brick Road

"The Wizard of Oz" (1939)

Premiere: USA, 12 August 1939 (Oconomowoc, Wisconsin)

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a new kind of faith

...the Internet, as a whole, is claimed to perform the creative thinking, the problem solving, the connection making. This is a devaluation of human thought.

Although is not for everyone, and nor the so called new Messias - The Internet - is available for all the people in the world, the problem is that the majority of the world no longer takes effort on thinking and therefore assuming the responsability of their own choices. And above that another question - are their our own choices for real?

Seeing movies and listening to music suggested to us by algorithms is relatively harmless, I suppose. But I hope that once in a while the users of those services resist the recommendations; our exposure to art shouldn’t be hemmed in by an algorithm that we merely want to believe predicts our tastes accurately. These algorithms do not represent emotion or meaning, only statistics and correlations.

While some of us turn on our iTunes in the computer and let it decide which music do we want to hear there's a general anger spreading that goes beyond the cyberworld and that is becoming uncontrollable somehow related to the REAL problems that affect us as human beings from which gadgets are consequently free.

We must instead take responsibility for every task undertaken by a machine and double check every conclusion offered by an algorithm, just as we always look both ways when crossing an intersection, even though the light has turned green.

This new kind of faith relies in something that does not fulfil our most basic needs.

What I would like to point out, though, is that a great deal of the confusion and rancor in the world today concerns tension at the boundary between religion and modernity — whether it’s the distrust among Islamic or Christian fundamentalists of the scientific worldview, or even the discomfort that often greets progress in fields like climate change science or stem-cell research.

If technologists are creating their own ultramodern religion, and it is one in which people are told to wait politely as their very souls are made obsolete, we might expect further and worsening tensions. But if technology were presented without metaphysical baggage, is it possible that modernity would not make people as uncomfortable?

Meanwhile we just wait, or not...

The First Church of Robotics
Published: August 9, 2010

fight, fangs and a lot of sexual tension...

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like they say: Running Out

from, Night Work 2010 - Scissor Sisters

1 2 3 4 gimme more cause i think we're going down
what you need it for?
pass the wealth around
We're going right back to the borderline
Now you just save yourself
i'm on my own not used to no one else
Cause I -- every time I think I'm fine you keep on dreaming up
a hundred different ways to cause hysteria
am i insane am i blind? i just can't seem to trust
too many regulations coming back at ya

we're running out of money, of love, of luck
we're running out of language of fame of bread
we're running out

something tells me that i'm fine but when i get enough
another one...wouldn't be too much
but still i chew it up and spit it out it's too big to swallow
gotta enough for everyone so here we go
ooh let's see how far that we can run before this gig is over
i hear the warning sign on everybody's stereo
do you love what do you like what would you do for more?
you kept on dancing underneath the burning floor

we're running out of money of each other of confidence
we're running out of drugs, of patience of air
we're running out

were running out of money of love of luck
were running out of fame of language of bread
were running out of money of each other of confidence
were running out of dugs, of patience.

"normal life"

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book covers

designer: Olly Moss
related: Rolling Roadshow
book author: Jaron Lanier

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devastating, that woman's despair!

J. Smith-Cameron is Melinda Mickens in True Blood

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act of beautification

René Magritte, L'evidence éternelle (The Eternally Obvious) -1930
The Menil Collection, Houston Photo: Hickey-Robertson, Houston

Body in Fragments brings together diverse works from the collection to explore the ways in which different cultures conceptualize the spiritual, physical, and intellectual aspects of personhood. The fifteenth century finger reliquary, for example, evokes the miraculous power of the physical body, the oversized finger acting as a testament to its spiritual or supernatural significance. A wooden Dan comb, with a handle that depicts strong, well-sculpted female legs, brings together the idealization of the female form with the act of beautification itself when the comb is used. The disintegration of the human body witnessed in Cubist and Surrealist works speaks to modern art’s challenge to Cartesian dualism and perceptions of the human mind and consciousness in the wake of world war, reflecting the development of psychology and its embrace of what was once known as “primitive” art.

summer editions

Marion Cotillard

By Nicole Kidman
Photography Mikael Jansson

Interview Magazine

"I don’t know if we have many lives or if I will be reincarnated into a next life, but I really do think that when you die, it doesn’t stop."
—Marion Cotillard