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"The Rocky Horror Glee Show"

João Paulo Seara Cardoso (1956-2010)

«São as paixões a matéria incandescente do teatro. A marioneta é um corpo inerte, altamente inflamável. O actor confia-lhe a chama da vida. De uma forma intermitente. Assim, ela permanece num limbo entre a vida e a morte. “A vida não pode ser exprimida em arte senão pela falta de vida ou pelo recurso à morte” (Kantor).»

João Paulo Seara Cardoso, in "A Falta de Vida", escritos,

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A video description in 3rd person:
Scenic Jogging features Mayer chasing projected images of typical screensavers such as idyllic meadows and mountainscapes. These images are embellished by design programs to be more attractive to appeal to our primal desire to be outside rather than in front of a computer or in ugly urban landscapes. Even if Mayer were to ever catch up her object of desire, she will find it never existed in the first place, and she has been chasing the unattainable.

Scenic Jogging was selected among others to be part of the first YouTube Play Biennal ( - in association with Guggenheim Museum.
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to fall is to understand the universe

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Oleg, Arthur, Stas and Cyril

KAZAKY-a completely new, with nothing comparable to the Ukrainian project.
His debut music video «In the middle» they subdued Internet users in the early days of rotation.
Shocking, sexy guys, showing an incredible combination of masculine beauty, plastics and choreography create a show that turns the mind.
Do you wonder who are they?

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GIRLS WHO LIKE BOYS WHO LIKE BOYS is Sundance Channel's new original series celebrating the special relationship between straight women and gay men.

Experience the ins and out of friendship with four dynamic and dramatic New York duos facing life's biggest milestones, including marriage, divorce, coming out, getting sober, and starting a family. Premieres December 7th at 10pm ET/PT, only on Sundance Channel.

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Glee by Terry Richardson


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video installation

Turbulent, 1998. Two channel video/audio installation
Shirin Neshat

surprise generation?

"Afterschool" (2008)

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in the "in betweens"

Like Justin Bond said in his concert last night at Ateneu (Porto) - performing for the TRAMA festival - not everybody needs to go to the Carnegie Hall to prove themselves.
Unable to watch a lot of things that were happening in TRAMA i got to see four and a half performances/events that were part of the schedule for this cultural weekend. At the same time Future Places was happening and city was bursting with activity and nonsense.
Talking to some friends while coming out of the concert I was saying that this state of being in between is somehow general, although most of the people still believe blindly that they really are/belong at one of the sides, the sides that are just a blured shadow of the things we knew and took for granted.
In response to an unexistent question coming from both sides of the "in between" i follow some of the lyrics and state that we are making love with shadows. I ask: why do we need to protect so much ourselves that we leave everybody outside? Constantly building "clusters" of networks that have ceased long ago, and promoting internal viruses to spread leading to a degradation that comes from the inside. Maybe in the past these things were needed to actually make a difference, to close in order to grow... but then humanity had the blured black hole bouncing in the the middle of both margins. We are the ones that are actually floating, heading nowhere, thinking and overthinking, and overtalking words that get lost. Threads of communication that build a perfect projection of an internal void (an unisson chant of humans weeping).

Vincent Dupont "HAUT CRIS (MINIATURE)"

The TRAMA Festival has been an event I've been repeating throughout the last few years, and it always surprises me one way or another, and one of the good things that it used to set the right mood for it to happen was that it was spreading all over the city and actually getting into places where art does not happen, so it sadden me to see it enclosing itself inside the institution and erasing a step ahead that was really important for the city.


This year the performances I went to see somehow talked about a different kind of existence. An internal and external fight to grow into something different by destroying, discrediting, subverting... If last year it appeared to be about forcing boundaries, this year it could be about the unlimited, even if we are actually fighting inside a real barrier that easily can be destroyed, transformed, shaped, unlabeled, undefined... and it's not always easy, or peaceful... welcome to the new world, a new economy!

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calling all futures

Peer-to-Peer @

Peer-to-Peer is a performance set in a controlled, monitored environment. Every player follows simple rules of interaction to achieve a fundamental purpose - the establishment of peer-to-peer connections, from one point to another. Everyone can take part in building and manipulating the show because anyone is both a potential viewer and potential performer. Where should we draw the line between what's real and what's simulated? How do we react, how do we divide our attention when a physical presence competes with a virtual presence? We're all part of a performance. Everyone can play Peer-to-Peer.

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october 13th, 1923

"Swoon" (1992) dir. Tom Kalin

based on the true story of Nathan F. Leopold, Jr., and Richard Albert Loeb on kidnapping and murdering Robert Franks.

screening the speech

VOICINGS Vocalisation vs. Verbalisation
by Laura Malacart

@FuturePlaces 2010

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night duel

by Andy Houghton

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"they're all dancing with the stars..."

Aguilera, Cher, Stanley Tucci, Cumming...

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Quoting Robert Willim:*

I have a dream about making a certain performance. It wouldn’t be very hard to realize. But I’m holding myself back. I will never perform it. Yet, it’s uncontroversial, it wouldn’t leave any marks, it would most probably go unnoticed.
In the dream I walk through the woods surrounding Taivalkoski in Finland. I walk for hours, far from roads and houses. After a while I stop in the woods, at no particular place. Then I listen, look up into the sky, and perform a transient and commonplace action. I scream at the top of my voice. I listen to the reverberations and then the evanescence of my shout. This would be my performance.
If realized, this mundane performance would bear some resemblance to works by artists like Richard Long or Hamish Fulton, who have embraced the simplicity of walking and the direct embodied connection to nature and various places. But I wouldn’t follow them; I wouldn’t walk any specific line. Unlike them I wouldn’t collect anything, wouldn’t make a single pile of stones, no carving or inscription, no photographs, maps or representations to present in galleries or museums. (…)

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James Franco by Terry Richardson

for Candy


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Hello Lovers and Other Strangers...

Justin Bond photographed by Amos Mac

Justin Bond apresenta-se nesta (5ª) edição do TRAMA, no Ateneu Comercial do Porto (16 Out. 23.30h), na companhia do músico, compositor e produtor Lance Horne e dos músicos portugueses Eduardo Raon, João Martins, Jorge Queijo, Pedro Gonçalves. Justin Bond é uma das vozes mais distintas e reconhecidas da cena “queer” da downtown nova-iorquina, vencedor de vários prémios e tendo dedicado uma grande parte da sua carreira ao show de cabaret Kiki and Herb.



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[...] The effects of this centering are multiple. And nowhere are they more clearly named than in a tape made by Richard Serra, with the help of Nancy Holt, who made herself its willing and eloquent subject. The tape is called Boomerang (1974), and its situation is a recording studio in which Holt sits in a tightly framed close-up wearing a technician's headset. As Holt begins to talk her words are fed back to her through the earphones she wears. Because the apparatus is attached to a recording instrument, there is a slight delay (of less than a second) between her actual locution and the audio-feedback to which she is forced to listen. For the ten minutes of the tape, Holt describes her situation. She speaks of the way the feedback interferes with her normal thought process and of the confusion caused by the lack of synchronism between her speech and what she hears of it. "Sometimes," she says, "I find I can't quite say a word because I hear a first part come back and I forget the second part, or my head is stimulated in a new direction by the first half of the word."
As we hear Holt speak and listen to that delayed voice echoing in her ears, we are witness to an extraordinary image of distraction. Because the audio delay keeps hypostatizing her words, she has great difficulty coinciding with herself as a subject.
It is a situation, she says, that "puts a distance between the words and their apprehension-their comprehension, "a situation that is "like a mirror-reflection . . . so that I am surrounded by me and my mind surrounds me . . . there is no escape."

in, Video: The Aesthetics of Narcissism by Rosalind Krauss

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Teuseus – Mythems - Mytheme - MemeSelf ReplicationMemetics (a field that studies self-replication) studies ideas and how they propagate in human culture. Memes require only small amounts of material, and therefore have theoretical similarities to viruses and are often described as viral. – Autopoiesis (Auto (self)Creation)