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happy new year

Best Of Moments&Memoires 10

JAN - [ANTICHRIST] Confessions
FEB - speechless about this + normal life
MAR - brand new | She&Him
APR - *sigh*
MAY - sudden flashmob* + nowadays
JUN - like a wild horse
JUL - melancholic splendour
AUG - we leave a mess + humans were born to move
SEP - MFS - Steve Paxton
OCT - nice moments in a raw footage...
NOV - Modern Family + dinners&friends&birthday&...
DEC - on trusting

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photography by Greg Harris


Ojalá seamos dignos de la desesperada esperanza.
Ojalá podamos tener el coraje de estar solos y la valentía de arriesgarnos a estar juntos, porque de nada sirve un diente fuera de la boca, ni un dedo fuera de la mano.
Ojalá podamos ser desobedientes, cada vez que recibimos órdenes que humillan nuestra conciencia o violan nuestro sentido común.
Ojalá podamos merecer que nos llamen locos, como han sido llamadas locas las Madres de Plaza de Mayo, por cometer la locura de negarnos a olvidar en los tiempos de la amnesia obligatoria.
Ojalá podamos ser tan porfiados para seguir creyendo, contra toda evidencia, que la condición humana vale la pena, porque hemos sido mal hechos, pero no estamos terminados.
Ojalá podamos ser capaces de seguir caminando los caminos del viento, a pesar de las caídas y las traiciones y las derrotas, porque la historia continúa, más allá de nosotros, y cuando ella dice adiós, está diciendo: hasta luego.
Ojalá podamos mantener viva la certeza de que es posible ser compatriota y contemporáneo de todo aquel que viva animado por la voluntad de justicia y la voluntad de belleza, nazca donde nazca y viva cuando viva, porque no tienen fronteras los mapas del alma ni del tiempo.

Eduardo Galeano

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more to come in October 2011

sweetest thing there is

Spot Title: Lady Grey London

Client: DIOR
Director of Creative Services: Mia Forsgren

Prod Company: Anonymous Content
Director: John Cameron Mitchell

Marion Cotillard
Ian McKellen
Russel Tovey

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heroes: the world is full of them

© Daniel van Flymen

love lost

John Cameron Mitchel's brings Nicole back

Becca: I like that thought: Somewhere out there I’m having a good time.

Rabbit Hole

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under the christmas tree

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randomly about the last decade, you can hear:

'Mercy' (TV Series) is a medical drama which aired on NBC (2009), and stills runs the first season in Fox Life Portugal. Although I don't follow this series, the other day I woke up and decided to have breakfast watching tv, and the episode 12 was on (I found out later when I wanted to use what they said to post here). The episode, called "Wake Up Bill" deals with a patient which has been in coma since the beggining of the new millenium, suddently Silent Bill wakes up and the nurses explain him that 10 years have gone by since he went into a coma. Then Veronica Flanagan (the nurse that takes the lead on the TV show, played by actress Taylor Schilling) decides to take the patient for a walk - in his wheelchair - to a nearby park where you have the view over what it seems to be New York City...

Veronica: We have an african-american president, Barack Obama, pretty amazing!
The RedSox ended the curse and won the series… Twice!

Silent Bill [moans]: Oh God, no…

Veronica: I Know, I’m sorry!
There’s this thing called Facebook, on the computer, and people have these pages where they’re constantly updating on what they’re doing, and you can only check their page if they friend you.

Silent Bill: I don’t get it.

Veronica: It’s all about finding people I’ve never got the chance to sleep with in highschool or in college… it’s idiot!

Silent Bill: What… what else?

Veronica: Let’s see we have covered “Brangelina”, Sarah Palin, MJ’s death, iPhones…

Silent Bill [stares at the view over the city]: The… the Towers…?!

Veronica: There was this terrorist group that highjacked planes into the towers, and they fell. Three thousand people died. September, 11th, 2001. There’s been a war going on ever since… I went there. It was… I wish I could have slept through that. You’re lucky, you did!
Anyway, the whole country freaked out. People were scared in a whole new way. It’s a different world

catching up on tv shows

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merry xmas

Michael Druks | Re-ordering of Communication, 1974

everyone has their own private idaho

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the internet

As a source of innovation, an engine of our economy, and a forum for our political discourse, the Internet can only work if it's a truly level playing field. Small businesses should have the same ability to reach customers as powerful corporations. A blogger should have the same ability to find an audience as a media conglomerate.

This principle is called "net neutrality" -- and it's under attack. Internet service giants like Comcast and Verizon want to offer premium and privileged access to the Internet for corporations who can afford to pay for it.

by, Al Franken (U.S. Senator, Minnesota)

Posted: December 20, 2010 08:43 AM

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in london...

domingo, dezembro 19, 2010

Nam June Paik [retrospective]

A major retrospective exhibition of the artist, performer and composer Nam June Paik.

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how to make it in music nowadays?!

taken from:

The New Rock-Star Paradigm (The Wall Street Journal)
Succeeding in the music business isn't just about selling albums anymore. The lead singer of OK Go on how to make it without a record label (treadmill videos help).
By Damian Kulash Jr

'Last Leaf'

Rework(ing) the classics

Pomplamoose, a San Francisco guy-girl duo, has a repertoire of its own endearingly warm pop songs and videos, but it was their homespun versions of hits by Beyoncé, Lady Gaga and Michael Jackson that raked in millions of views on YouTube. Then the group broke into the mainstream with another set of covers: performing holiday tunes such as "Deck the Halls" in TV ads for Hyundai.

— John Jurgensen

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on trusting

Although the term "confidence" would be more appropriate - for a belief in the competence of the other party -, usually it comes related with relationships between humans as a part of social groups.
Sometimes, as humans, we tend to have trouble in letting go when empty places appear because something or someone has disappeared, and at times like that we (also) often tend to 'stay' in the place where things are comfortably (numb) and therefore used to be normal, even if that so called normality - often unconsciously translated as a Natural State Of Existence - is already rotten and letting go is the only road to follow, a road that we know we've visited before, that we already know but each time we go back to it:

Mike Walters: I always know where I am by the way that the road looks. Like I just know that I've been here before. I just know that I've been stuck here, like this one fucking time before, you know that? Yeah. There's not another road anywhere that looks like this road - I mean, exactly like this road. It's one kind of place. One of a kind... like someone's face...

[cracks neck]

Mike Waters: like a fucked up face.

My Own Private Idaho, Gus Van Sant (1991)

Lately I've felt my own existence as a mass of cumulative responsabilities that are not only my own but that belong to others too, and I question this ability that we have in becoming trustors and trustees, placing life itself as a bunch of random separate lives, nurturing a confidence that proves to be as flawless as human behaviour itself.
Do we live in the middle of this universal contract where we do not control anything and if someone fails then, suddently, nothing is anymore what it seemed to be before; and if that happens what chances do we have?! What is expected to do next?

Erykah Badu:

They play it safe, and are quick to assassinate, what they do not understand, they move in packs, ingesting more and more fear in every act of fear on one another, they feel most comfortable in groups, less guilt to swallow, they are us, this is what we have become, afraid to respect the individual. A single person with inner circumstance can move one to change to love our-self and evolve.

in Window Seat

Sometimes I just find it very hard - harder than growing up into adulthood, which for me does not necessarily brings such kind of responsability - this responsability towards the others, of handling something that extends beyond and away from myself, and the fear of failure grows stronger. (Of not being able to give back what is expected from me.)

Either way... "Vámonos" (Chavela Vargas)

People are strange and not everyone goes well together, but even in that case I believe in this big universal network of existences and different wills that, all combined, together make the world what it is nowadays.
Like Chavela sings in Vámonos, we don't forget people that once made part of our lives due to this strange feeling called love but "we'll go to somewhere, perpetuating this universal "soap opera" love story, where nobody tells us what to do anymore, far away from the world where there are no laws, no justice, no nothing... We're not the same, but we don't care!"


for her...

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dazed and confused for 2011

Anna Paquin by Terry Richardson

The star of everyone's favourite vampire drama True Blood met Dazed and photographer Terry Richardson in Los Angeles for our cover story.

on truth and fear

Parrhesia is a verbal activity in which a speaker expresses his personal relationship to truth through frankness instead of persuasion, truth instead of flattery, and moral duty instead of self-interest and moral apathy.”

...Fearless Speech concludes the genealogy of truth that Foucault pursued throughout his life, starting with his investigations in Madness and Civilization, into the question of power and its technology. The expression “fearless speech” is a rough translation of the Greek parrhesia, which designates those who take a risk to tell the truth; the citizen who has the moral qualities required to speak the truth, even if it differs from what the majority of people believe and faces danger for speaking it.

download it here

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send in the clowns...

TRIGGER HAPPY HANDS - Placebo (A Film By Andreas Nilsson)

“The world is run by clowns with trigger happy hands”

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sometimes closure never comes

"If the doors of perception were cleansed, everything would appear to man as it is, infinite."

William Blake, The Marriage of Heaven and Hell

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twisted reality

Leandro Erlich, Swimming Pool.

via fette@tumblr

MoMA PS1: Exhibitions

Invisible Light feat. Ian McKellan

Scissor Sisters: Invisible Light [Polydor] here

hollywood inter[act]ive

Tilda Swinton by Sølve Sundsbø

2010... As the end of the year approaches a review is made and captured for eternity in living/moving "still" lives of 14 Hollywood actors. Remembering the last century's glamour and icons, the work - directed by Sølve Sundsbø and with Owen Pallett's music - is an absolute fantastic interactive piece of art in which the golden era of our dreams is made real, again, like those black&white movies that inspired the world. And they will live forever...

Produced by The New York Times Magazine

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a xmas prelude

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san diego's greek tragedy

David Lynch presents Werner Herzog's "My Son, My Son What Have Ye Done" insipired in a true crime.