sábado, dezembro 18, 2010

how to make it in music nowadays?!

taken from:

The New Rock-Star Paradigm (The Wall Street Journal)
Succeeding in the music business isn't just about selling albums anymore. The lead singer of OK Go on how to make it without a record label (treadmill videos help).
By Damian Kulash Jr

'Last Leaf'

Rework(ing) the classics

Pomplamoose, a San Francisco guy-girl duo, has a repertoire of its own endearingly warm pop songs and videos, but it was their homespun versions of hits by Beyoncé, Lady Gaga and Michael Jackson that raked in millions of views on YouTube. Then the group broke into the mainstream with another set of covers: performing holiday tunes such as "Deck the Halls" in TV ads for Hyundai.

— John Jurgensen

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