sábado, dezembro 25, 2010

randomly about the last decade, you can hear:

'Mercy' (TV Series) is a medical drama which aired on NBC (2009), and stills runs the first season in Fox Life Portugal. Although I don't follow this series, the other day I woke up and decided to have breakfast watching tv, and the episode 12 was on (I found out later when I wanted to use what they said to post here). The episode, called "Wake Up Bill" deals with a patient which has been in coma since the beggining of the new millenium, suddently Silent Bill wakes up and the nurses explain him that 10 years have gone by since he went into a coma. Then Veronica Flanagan (the nurse that takes the lead on the TV show, played by actress Taylor Schilling) decides to take the patient for a walk - in his wheelchair - to a nearby park where you have the view over what it seems to be New York City...

Veronica: We have an african-american president, Barack Obama, pretty amazing!
The RedSox ended the curse and won the series… Twice!

Silent Bill [moans]: Oh God, no…

Veronica: I Know, I’m sorry!
There’s this thing called Facebook, on the computer, and people have these pages where they’re constantly updating on what they’re doing, and you can only check their page if they friend you.

Silent Bill: I don’t get it.

Veronica: It’s all about finding people I’ve never got the chance to sleep with in highschool or in college… it’s idiot!

Silent Bill: What… what else?

Veronica: Let’s see we have covered “Brangelina”, Sarah Palin, MJ’s death, iPhones…

Silent Bill [stares at the view over the city]: The… the Towers…?!

Veronica: There was this terrorist group that highjacked planes into the towers, and they fell. Three thousand people died. September, 11th, 2001. There’s been a war going on ever since… I went there. It was… I wish I could have slept through that. You’re lucky, you did!
Anyway, the whole country freaked out. People were scared in a whole new way. It’s a different world

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