sexta-feira, janeiro 07, 2011

about believing ... or not?!

The Ultimate Distortion of Love

And they throw up on you.
The vomit coming out of their ugly mouths...
And you eat it.
And they spit on you.
And you're thankful for what you got.
Are you really?
And they make you believe.
Well, do you? Really?
And you smell like rotten meat.
And you taste yourself everyday.
And you throw up and spit.
(Like them) Over yourself again.
And you take your pills
And clean your mess.
And you do nothing more.
Because you are alone.
Are you? Really?
Because you're weak.
Are you? Really?
You don't feel alive.
You are dead.
Are you? ...

by, Fátima São Simão @

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