quarta-feira, janeiro 12, 2011

Lindy Hoppers

People were dancing, the roaring 30's played out loud in the background...
We all learn something here and there, we learn from eachother, we even learn things that we'll never use again, things that we might even forget but we pay attention to the foggy words coming out of a lover's mouth, expecting to save that moment into our endless, (in)finite, memory, closing our eyes slowly wishing to record that moment as one of the best moments of our lives.
People danced and the couple sitted just across the table, cornered to it together, facing backwards to the hopping group of people behind them, smiling, drinking, dancing, moving to a post war musicology that we try desperately to grab as our own...
He mutedly talked words of love while she looked at him; across the room the other 'he' looked over his shoulder to the girl beside me, that grew into a state of animal behaviour, making this exchange of looks and glances - once more in the universal story of great love affairs - the ultimate declaration of interest between two human beings.
The music played... and human sweat drained, to its last drop, the feeling of inadequacy towards the profound recognition of this being the dawn of a new day.

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