segunda-feira, janeiro 24, 2011

new work: MYTHEMS

MYTHEMS [Online Video Installation]

"…like a mirror-reflection... so that I am surrounded by me and my mind surrounds me . . . there is no escape."
– Nancy Holt in Boomerang (Richard Serra, 1974)

Exploring concepts such as Identity, Reflection and Self Replication (amongst others), MYTHEMS is an experimental video-art work which aims to be the result of a research where video is used as a form of giving back to the spectator a taste of its own existence. Exploring the use of this tool as a form of mirroring oneself and being able to accept the various individualities that are part of a whole, an individual and personal whole which boomerangs back and forward indefinitely.

Editing: Daniel Pinheiro
Sculpture/Installation: Um Jardim Catóptrico (Teuseus) by Ângelo de Sousa
Music: The Trees by Max Richter; The Soul Leaves by Jozef Van Wissem
Words: Nancy Holt in Richard Serra’s Boomerang (1974)
Produced at the MUGATXOAN 2010 Artistic Residency (Serralves – Porto, Portugal)
Thanks to: Ion Munduate, Flor Bazarra, Maria F. Dolores, Tiago Bôto

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