quinta-feira, fevereiro 03, 2011

"My solitude is entirely voluntary, I assure you."

Gena Rowlands in Cassavetes’ Opening Night

"...we artists must avoid the temptation to isolate ourselves, to lose contact with . . . ." 

"I'm no artist, dear Maestro. You mistake me. I have no inner wish to unload upon a passive audience. I do not wish to contribute one jot to the fund of public fantasy. Perhaps I have something to reveal, but it is of so intensely private a nature that it could not be possible interest anyone else. Perhaps I reveal nothing, even to myself. But I know I am on the trail of something. I am crawling through the tunnel of myself - which takes me farther and farther from the artist's base craving for applause. I am looking for silence, I am exploring the various styles of silence, and I wish to be answered by silence. You might say, that I am disembowelling myself."

in, The Benefactor - Susan Sontag

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