segunda-feira, abril 11, 2011

Email: John Cameron Mitchell Kickstarts

"I try not to ask for much except to come to my parties, house-sit at my Puerto Rico shack, and be good to yourselves but...
"We've launched a Kickstarter appeal for The Ruined Cast, an animated feature I'm producing with  Howard Gertler to be directed by rising star graphic novelist Dash Shaw ('Bottomless Bellybutton',  'Bodyworld', the comic art in 'Rabbit Hole').
"We're hoping to raise 25k for development (animatics, clerical, casting etc) so we can get to the next level of  actual financing.
"It's a brilliant script, kind of a hybrid of Philip K. Dick and The Simpsons.
"Even a contribution of $5 gets you some art by Dash. More money gets you more. We only have 30 days to  raise the money though!"

So please send your cash to him--not to Spielberg, who'll only use it to get more servants.

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