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#0000FF or IKB 191

Yves Klein, IKB 191, 1962

prepare your death, don't leave for the 'after'

AfterSteps: Two women take on the business of death in the digital age

But despite the fact everyone dies, and everyone knows they’re going to die, people don’t ever want to plan for the occasion. Two women entering their second year at Harvard Business School, Jess Bloomgarden and Emma Taylor have decided to tackle Death 2.0 with their new company AfterSteps, an online end-of-life planning platform. Complete with estate planning, financial planning, funeral planning and legacy planning, it’s a system that Forbes blogger Peter Cohan calls: “The Turbo Tax for death.
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the limitations of human identity

Ch.10. He becomes a performer. The life of puppets and the behaviour of bears. In this limited arena he finds peace. Disabled and sensitive, Hyppolyte drones on.


in, "The Benefactor" (Susan Sontag)


celebrity buzz

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jealousy burns


Todrick Hall

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a year ago...

Facebook reminded me of this:
(August 28, 2010 at 12:30am)
Daniel Pinheiro: is having all the wrong feelings towards life and future... *sigh*

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the new polanski looks great... and with a great cast!

based on a Yasmina Reza play.

meanwhile they felt it in NY

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Candy Darling

Conformity: Although he wants to be an individual, the male is scared of anything in himself that is the slightest bit different from other men, it causes him to suspect that he's not really a `Man', that he's passive and totally sexual, a highly upsetting suspicion. If other men are "A" and he's not, he must not be a man; he must be a fag. So he tries to affirm his `Manhood' by being like all the other men. Differentness in other men, as well as himself, threatens him; it means they're fags whom he must at all costs avoid, so he tries to make sure that all other men conform.

The male dares to be different to the degree that he accepts his passivity and his desire to be female, his fagginess. The farthest out male is the drag queen, but he, although different from most men, is exactly like all the other drag queens like the functionalist, he has an identity -- he is female. He tries to define all his troubles away -- but still no individuality. Not completely convinced that he's a woman, highly insecure about being sufficiently female, he conforms compulsively to the man-made stereotype, ending up as nothing but a bundle of stilted mannerisms.

To be sure he's a `Man', the male must see to it that the female be clearly a `Woman', the opposite of a `Man', that is, the female must act like a faggot. And Daddy's Girl, all of whose female instincts were wrenched out of her when little, easily and obligingly adapts herself to the role.

S.C.U.M. Manifesto (Society for Cutting Up Men), by Valerie Solanas

movies of the week

I Am Love (2009) - Luca Guadagnino

I Shot Andy Warhol (1996) - Mary Harron

RAGE (2009) - Sally Potter

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For men in battle will leave in the lurch clansmen and friends, aye, and parents and sons, but what warrior ever broke through or charged through lover and love, seeing that even when there is no necessity lovers frequently display their bravery and contempt of life. As Thero the Thessalian, who put his left hand on a wall, and drew his sword, and chopped off his thumb, and challenged his rival to do the same. And another in battle falling on his face, as his enemy was about to give him the coup-de-grace, begged him to wait a little till he could turn round, that his love should not see him with a wound in his back.

in, Plutarch's Essay: On Love

They were four marines. Eager to find true love. Instead of love, they found death. Their own death. In their own true nature was the desire of an absolution by everything they had ever killed.

in my solitude

road trips

The following excerpt is from a short story I read while, caught by a summer rain, I sat in a coffee in Lisbon waiting for the beggining of this year's short road trip from Lisbon to Barreiro and finally to our destination Portinho d'Arrábida:

Had I been able to address the real subject, I’d told this man that I was saving myself for the right person. I wanted my first time to be special, meaning that I would know the other guy’s name and, I hoped, his telephone number. After sex, we would lie in each other’s arms and review the events that had brought us to this point. I could not predict exactly why this conversation would sound like, but I had not imagined it to include lines as “I knew this would happen five minutes ago, the moment you climbed into my tow truck.”

in, “When You Are Engulfed In Flames” by David Sedaris (short story: Road Trips)

Monogamy vs Polygamy

Man strives to be good; being bad is just the name for some people’s goodness. The essence of goodness is monotony. Note, please, that I say monotony – not consistency, which so many incorrectly hold to be the sine qua non of good character.

From monotony comes purity. This is why marriage to one woman is better, purer than polygamy. But monogamy is polygamous, when matched against the purity of self-love.

What is more monotonous than the self?

in, "The Benefactor" (Susan Sontag)

"yesterday's" news: RIP Rudolf Brazda (1913 - 2011)

Among other things, and the luck that Hitler himself did not killed him, Brazda went through some of the hard times as Josephine Baker


On Hyppolyte’s finding of True/Self Love:

One trusts our love to another by giving him/her the responsibility of having consciousness over their acts and the consequences they have on the relationship.
By shifting this consciousness of responsibility to the other, our other self, becomes responsible for our own failures and defects; this comes from a lack of self love where the “self” becomes a kind of sediment laying at the bottom of a liquid mixture of two individualities. Like oil and water are apart from each other when put together, oil (the impurities) stay comfortably at the top covering the surface making impossible to watch the cleanness and purity that lies underneath, transparent.
If one shifts the point of view (like if one is watching through a transparent glass) and look at it in a different way we can see the result of human bondage – a layering of liquids and solids that stay apart, touching only by a line of intersection that are the very limitations of relying on others in order to feel completed and be soothed by a false sense of completeness.

find the similarity

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