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Feel I'm goin' back to Massachusetts

misterious letters from Michael Crowe

Next up in our student flash backs is Michael Crowe, from the class of 2001 and Liverpool John Moores University where he studied creative writing. Now a days, Michael continues to find himself composing Mysterious Letters to everyone in the world with his art-partner (p-art-ner?) Lenka Clayton – they were resident in the Simultanhalle gallery in Cologne during August. Before and after these missives, he publishes his own excellent written works, and even more recently he contributed to a new zine by David Rule and Jamie Sutcliffe about Deputy Hawk from Twin Peaks. The first image (above) is 100 poems passed between work mates circa 2001: “I’ve lost most of these thank goodness.” Also, a number of letters written whilst in Cologne this year. 

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a little bit of history: EMPIRE STATE BUILDING

Floodlights were added in 1964 on the skyscraper and are changed nightly. [read more here]

Important events:
- After the death of Frank Sinatra it took on a blue lighting effect for Ol’ Blue Eyes.
- US Open in August / September turns the building all yellow for a tennis ball.
- In 1995 Microsoft launched a multi-million dollar campaign for Windows ‘95 and the lights took on a red blue green and yellow theme.
- In 2008 participation began for Earth Hour – completely turning off the flood lights.
- Even Mariah Carey lit up the Empire State Building in white, pink and lavender on her release of E=MC2 April 25-27th in 2008.

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soon [work in progress]

two different online projects, soon to be shared online.

it kind of spread like a wild fire...

Shut Up Little Man... an audio misadventure(s) of Peter and Raymond.


 day #1

day #13 (Photo: Justin Violini)

The occupation of Zuccotti Park (a.k.a. Liberty Plaza Park) in Lower Manhattan, New York City, continues today, after a Saturday marked by a crackdown from the New York Police Department.(read more here)

what makes a man a man...

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postcards from NY

Although some of the reviews talk about it as pretty ridiculous melodrama the new ABC show PAN-AM, which first episode aired last Sunday, follows a group of four young stewardesses (Maggie (Christina Ricci), Kate (Kelli Garner), Laura (Margot Robbie) and Colette (Karine Vanasse)) and despite it has the look of a marketing strategy, either to rise again the collapsed American Air Line, or to put under the spotlight Christina Ricci - competing against a cast of cover-like blond/redhead/brunette type of girls - it opened with a pilot episode which reminds us of old tv-shows like Dallas or Falcon Crest and that kind of soap-opera tone that makes any spectator wanna watch. For me, the opening credits and the opening image (at the top) it made me think of an American Postcard from the 60's and I can't wait to see if it is worth it looking again at it even if there's nothing written in the back.

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sunday: live at NY and Seoul


International Program Director | Billy Clark (Culturehub - Seoularts/La MaMa)
Streaming | (Camera) Daniel Pinheiro; (Audio) Jesse Ricke

Master musicians in both New York City and South Korea performed together via telepresence, sharing compositions and fusing disparate traditions. The performance was followed by a Q & A, linking artists and audiences in both locations.

NEW YORK / Steve Gorn (Bansuri), Yukio Tsuji (Guitar, Percussion), Kang Eun-il (Haegum) KOREA / Ralph Samuelson (Shakuhachi), Kim Young-dong (DaeGeum)

KOREA / Park Sook-ja

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the only girl in the world

sleepless in NY: old faithful

In New York we slept on a futon. I took the left side and would lie awake at night, looking at the closet door. In Paris we got a real bed in a room just big enough to contain it. 
Hugh would fall asleep immediately, the way he's always done, and I'd stare at the blank wall, wondering about all the people who'd slept in this room before us. The building dated from the seventeenth century, and I envisioned musketeers in tall, soft boots, pleasuring the sorts of women who wouldn't complain whe swrod tips tore the sheets. I saw gentlemen in top hats and sleeping caps, women in bonners and berets and beaded headbands, a swarm of phantom copulators all looking down and comparing my life with theirs.
After Paris came London, and a bedroom on the sixth floor with windows looking onto neat rows of Edwardian chimney tops. A friend characterized it as a "Peter Pan view," and now I can't see it any other way. I lie awake thinking of someone with a hook for a hand, and then, inevitably, of youth, and whether I have wasted it. Twenty-five years ago I was a young man with his whole sexual life ahead of him. How had 9,125 relatively uneventful days passed so quickly, and how can I keep it from happening again? In another twenty-five years I'll be doddering, and twenty-five years after that I'll be onw of the figures haunting my Paris bedroom. Is it morally permissible, I wonder, to cheat after death? Is it even called cheating at that point? What are the rules? Do I have to wait a certain amount of time, or can I just jump, or, as the case may be, seep right in?

in, “When You Are Engulfed In Flames” by David Sedaris (short story: Old Faithful)

a G-A-Y script

My first love has always been the cinema, TV and the moving image and before I ever picked up a camera and started photographing the people and places around me, I wanted to be a film director (and before that an actor, before that a stuntman, before that a fireman). With that in mind, I started writing scripts for myself to direct. Only after I realised that I could imbue my photographs with the same ideas and narratives that I could with script writing, did I pick up a stills camera. Now, more than 10 years after writing my first feature script (which was optioned but never produced), I’m again focusing my time on my writing. I wrote G-A-Y as a celebration of being young and gay in a time (this was before Queer as Folk, in fact they just pipped me to the post which is one of the reasons I suspect the producer couldn’t secure financing for the film) where the majority of depictions of gay men were coloured by the spectre of HIV and Aids. I wanted to write an antidote to that. The story takes place over one day and one night in the lives of a group of young gay men and focuses particularly on a couple in the midst of a possible breakup as their lives take them in different directions. The couple was based on a recent ex and I as we had gone through a similar situation. In real life our relationship didn’t survive but here, in the world of fiction, nothing could tear these lovers apart.


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happening right now

@East 4th St, NY!

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Billie Holiday

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Remember Body

Body, remember not only how much you were loved,
not only the beds where you lay,
but also those desires for you,
shining clearly in eyes
and trembling in a voice—and some chance
obstacle thwarted them.

Now when everything is the past,
it almost looks as if you gave yourself
to those desires as well—how they shone—
remember—in the eyes that looked at you,
how they trembled for you in the voice—remember, body.

Constantine Cavafy
(photo: The Adventures of Constantine Cavafy, Duane Michals.)

random photos

-- The American Feeling 9/11
-- MoMA
-- The Statue of Liberty (far)
-- NY Public Library

September in the NY rain

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Going back to TV?

“Television is of particular importance here because it is the mass medium par excellence, the most influential medium worldwide (as compared to books, movies, magazines, radio, newspapers, computers, etc.). It is easy to see that television's influence will grow even stronger once high-definition TV and computers become integrated, and once fiber-optic networks become as ordinary as the introspective walkman. I mention the walkman because in its private sensorial experience it can be seen as the epiphenomenon of a society that chooses to remove itself from public space. Away from the public space, we experience socialization as phone conversations, TV watching, or through the electronic Agora which is the Internet (or networks such as the French Minitel system). More and more the phenomenon that used to be thought of as "direct" experience becomes mediated experience without us really noticing it. To "get in touch" (touch!) is to make a phone call, as the ubiquitous American advertisement reminds us. People are getting married after having developed personal relationships over the Internet, the world-wide computer network. From a technological standpoint we are not so far from routinely touching someone remotely through a phone call by means of force-feedback devices. Like in Heinlein's "Waldo," the dream is of being there without ever leaving here. At different levels we subordinate local space to remote action, promoting what Baudrillard so succinctly described as "the satellitization of the real." What we understand by communication is changing because physical distances between spaces no longer impose absolute restrictions on certain kinds of bodily experiences (audition, vision, touch, proprioception - i.e., sense of limb position, mobility, etc.) as they once did.” 


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3 tickets to the future... if you can!

In “Me and You and Everyone We Know” Miranda July explores the dynamics of relationships between humans, and the concept of solitary togetherness we all inhabit; by exploring this and establishing a bridge with the controversial world of contemporary – experimental – art making process and its she “paints” a very strict, yet broad, point of view on how people establish connection between eachother and sets the indefinite space in between the unkown as the infinite which defines peer-to-peer connections humans have developed and learned as a form of communication in a larger world that becomes smaller everyday. 
In her Future she decides to explore frustration and the anxiety of anticipation on a future we do not control and gives us an abstract, and nevertheless surrealistic, perception of this suspension point we are supposed to be in, a certain kind of limbo where we all just wait to collapse. Unfortunately and in a not so pertinent way she tries to remake herself by, once again portraying herself conflictously frustrated by taking on a journey that leads her to failure, a journey where a couple struggles with the difficulties of early-middle-age union and both decide to take over their lives unsuccessfully where – in contrast to her previous movie – disconnecting from the online world seems to be the right thing to do. (The most interesting question for me was: What can you search only on the Internet that you cannot search in some other way?) 
With a sci-fi kind of tone to it, this Future where things seem to stop by an unkown power, where the moon as a voice and a cat… well, and a cat, is a kind of Future that is no different from any other future we have, or has been already imagined.

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Could that really have been fourty years ago? The thought of my sisters and me, so young then, and so untroubled, was sobering, and within a minute, Chris Rock or no Chris Rock, I was the one crying on the flight to Paris. It wasn't my intention to steal anyone's thunder. A minute or two was all I needed. But in the meantime here we were: two grown men in roomy seats, each blubbering in his own alite puddle of light. 

in, “When You Are Engulfed In Flames” by David Sedaris (short story: Road Trips)

old message: on the plane


I write, my body is drowsy
and all of me is aching
my eyes
my dry mouth
my back
my whole body aches:
with sadness
with confusion
with love
with indecision
with anxiety
with the kown feeling of unkowing;
for being on top the big pond
and feeling the same
when symmetrically looking upwards.
Bursting pression
Suppressed tears
Gravity, Decompression...

Watching eyes
Questionable eyes
Undeciphered frailty

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it was 1990... columbia records was in the house

that's "destiny" (my) child...

remembering Dragan Klaic (1950 - 2011)

Born in Serbia in 1950, Dragan was a real cosmopolitan. Educated in dramaturgy in Belgrade, he held a doctorate in theater history and dramatic criticism from Yale University, and obtained professorships in several institutions across Europe and in the US. In addition to his involvement in countless cultural initiatives, the vast number of books he published remain an invaluable legacy of his important contribution to the cultural policy sector and a crucial source of knowledge for many future cultural managers. His challenging opinions, contagious motivation and uncompromising dedication will be sorely missed by ENCATC members who valued Dragan as a key player in the cultural field. 

“How long do you think you can continue to play these tricks, pull plays from the Bookshelf like rabbits from a magician’s hat, in ever different combinations? But they remain rabbits and pigeons, eggs and ping-pong balls, balloons and the same silk ribbon in a variety of colours. Is this repertory theatre?” Excerpt from An Easter Letter to an old Dramaturg Friend, Dragan Klaic
- this post is dedicated to the opening of the new season... hoping that some efforts are being made in order to change the "so called" repertory theatre that empties the rooms where it is made and doesn't challenge anymore the spectator that earlier was hypnotized by the tricks and surprises that are getting a little well known and therefore drowsy...

futile devices: NYC fASHION WEEK

September 10

10:30-11:30AM PINK TARTAN, BOX

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don't stop me now

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new in my playtlist: James Vincent McMorrow


I haven't wrote in a while now. I often am obsessed with the idea that I have to have at least one post per day so in the end I have at least 30 or 31 each month in my blog. I don't know why this obsession came to me.
When I started Moments&Memoires I never would imagine that in 2011 I would still be writing in it, and that it would become a part of me, as many others of my online networks which have (almost always) a daily update, maybe this kind of communication has allowed me to understand and share the world differently, it has brought me a lot of interesting things but also a kind of dependence that I consider it to be prejudicial detrimental to my well-being; If by any chance I stay a lot of time without writing in my blog (or updating Facebook, Twitter, the +, and others) I feel that a part of me is incomplete, like I haven't got anything interesting to share with the world (or at least to share it with myself but in a written public way, for it's has become sort of a diary of my interests and emotions). This feeling of incompleteness as scared me this last week when I thought of it for I feel exactly the opposite way... The unattachment I've allowed me in the last few weeks of cyber-social interaction has a valid reason, one that has taken a lot of my time and my mind; a reason that made me think about the purpose of self-exposition in this kind of hide&seek world that as also been a many times referred topic in this blog. For me this amount of duplicates of one-self has a certain feeling of identitylessness and at the same time feeds the need for communication humans in general have towards others.
For this, and because a different genre of posts (among the usual ones) will be featured here, I'm glad this last month of August I was able to be so absent, to become a little more real, to feel a little more everything outside... to go back to this "irresponsible" place that is so common but, for me, so difficult to understand, where schedules and deadlines are always present... I'm also glad they're about to begin again.