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revealing life from the past...

Do you remember your first email????

Written by a "scully666@compuserve.com" and addressed to a "makincopeez@prodigy.net," the writer expresses the ancient equivalent of boredom, asks the receiver about his or her status in their primeval office environment, then refers to the act of sending the e-mail itself.

"Nothing going on," begins the e-mail. "What's up with you? Are you going to Mike's b-day thing on Friday? I'm thinking about it. I might go, but I'm not sure yet."

The e-mail continues, "Let me know if you get this e-mail twice. I'm still trying to learn the system. I think the managers know when we're on the Net, so I'll stay away from the web surfing and check my e-mail only once a day."

The e-mail is signed only "K." It contains no subject line.

"It shows that these forgotten people of the '90s had many of the same concerns as modern man, such as b-days, and slow periods at work," Caspari said. "The presence of the archaic slang verbalization 'what's up' appears to indicate that they cared about the immediate welfare of others in their closely knit community, much as we do today."

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not very seasonal but yet...

Gem Club - 252 from Gem Club on Vimeo.

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greetings from CultureHub


la noche que nos separa, la noche que nos une

Mi muchacha salvaje, hemos tenido
que recobrar el tiempo
y marchar hacia atrás, en la distancia
de nuestras vidas, beso a beso,
recogiendo de un sitio lo que dimos
sin alegría, descubriendo en otro
el camino secreto
que iba acercando tus pies a los míos,
y así bajo mi boca
vuelves a ver la planta insatisfecha
de tu vida alargando sus raíces
hacia mi corazón que te esperaba.
Y una a una las noches
entre nuestras ciudades separadas
se agregan a la noche que nos une.
La luz de cada día,
su llama o su reposo
nos entregan, sacándolos del tiempo,
y así se desentierra
en la sombra o la luz nuestro tesoro,
y así besan la vida nuestros besos:
todo el amor en nuestro amor se encierra:
toda la sed termina en nuestro abrazo.
Aquí estamos al fin frente a frente,
nos hemos encontrado,
no hemos perdido nada.
Nos hemos recorrido labio a labio,
hemos cambiado mil veces
entre nosotros la muerte y la vida,
todo lo que traíamos
como muertas medallas
lo echamos al fondo del mar,
todo lo que aprendimos
no nos sirvió de nada:
comenzamos de nuevo,
terminamos de nuevo
muerte y vida.
Y aquí sobrevivimos,
puros, con la pureza que nosotros creamos,
más anchos que la tierra que no pudo extraviarnos,
eternos como el fuego que arderá
cuanto dure la vida.

Pablo Neruda

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Xmas in Miami

sábado, dezembro 24, 2011

far and close... on the road...

...And one by one the nights
between our separated cities
are joined to the night that unites us.
The light of each day,
its flame or its repose,
they deliver to us, taking them from time,
and so our treasure
is disinterred in shadow or light,
and so our kisses kiss life:
all love is enclosed in our love:
all thirst ends in our embrace.
Here we are at last...

Pablo Neruda

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Long, too long America...

Foster Owego, NY - 2011 ©BarbaraAnastacio

Long, too long America,
Traveling roads all even and
peaceful you learn'd from joys and prosperity only,
But now, ah now, to learn from crises of anguish,
advancing, grappling with direst fate and recoiling not,
And now to conceive and show to the world what your children
en-masse really are,
(For who except myself has yet conceiv'd what your children en-masse
really are?)

W. Whitman

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I'm not here

You know how when sometimes you have that feeling that something is just not right? How things can change from one seconde to the other without even having awareness that something is changing? Sometimes I wish I could read minds... or at least how to read my own fucking mind.
It's an absurd to have this feeling that something is wrong when you've tried so hard to do things right and at some level you feel like you haven't done enough. Like to feel that because you did all the things you thought that would be right then something actually, along the way, might have become the wrong thing to do. And you don't even took it as a bad thing, you look back and you don't even think that it was really a bad thing, you don't even actually know what it was that you did, that transformed people's eyes. That on some level of uncounciessness you feel like the eyes lay on you with a slight feeling of regret or - I would say prejudice but it's not that - with a slight feeling of unsatisfaction or, even worse, of disbelief... New York is a big city, and I have often this feeling of living outside of something and I don't even know what brought me to this place and question everything again, question my own capacities, my own trust, my own awareness, my own value. In this city which I've immersed in the last few months I have felt a whole range of different feelings and emotions that made me think of an own absense - as when one is absent from himself, from being away and not being able to put out its roots - that one knows that will be due soon.
People often say that it's better to do whatever you want to do so you don't regret not having done them, but how can one regret something that he doesn't know that he was supposed to do? Or not?
Three months later this is a feeling of half being part and an incomplete part, an unkown part of something that is missing somewhere within or outside myself. I wish I knew better, I wish I could keep track of all the things I do and stop being so uptight about blaming myself for something that I just wonder about, that I fantasize, that I've created around my own existence and that does not let me count for the things that I've actually done.

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live stream

tune in to watch at 2.30pm EST or watch the recorded stream of Digital Dialogues

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rehearsals | Digital Dialogues @ CultureHub

actors (David and Sarah) and artistic director (Baba Israel) in Manchester, UK

actor, artistic director and media technician in New York

actors (Charlotte L. Brathwaite and Daniel Pinheiro) and CultureHub's artistic director (Billy Clark) in New York

Photos by Lindsey Medeiros

Rehearsing for Verbally Challenged | Digital Dialogues (a collaboration between CultureHub, NY and Contact Theatre, Manchester, UK) happening on December 14th.

Body of Work | Karol Radziszewski

BODY OF WORK is the first solo exhibition in the United States by the Polish artist Karol Radziszewski.

Manipulating and driving the viewer’s gaze into the analysis of performance and body art of the 70s, by a strong conceptual attitude Radziszewski questions the idea of masculinity in the contemporary society. Radziszewski’s work comes out in a society where traces of homophobia, phallocentrism, racism and sexism, all issues that have characterized the modernism age, are back. The idea of masculinity comes together with the idea of metrosexuality, that outbreaks also in the United States in the 90’s: the idea of Sport and the Athlete-body as the only way to save the weak male from the effeminate attitude (so as it was in the Fascist era in Italy): the idea of Military, War and Fight (see at this point “Fag-Fighters”, Karol Radziszewski 2007).

Born in Bialystok (Poland) in 1980, Karol lives in Warsaw where he works as non-media-specific artist (he works with video, performance, installation, painting, photography), as curator and author of interdisciplinary projects and, last but not least, he is Editor-in-chief of “DIK Fagazine”.

Edited by Nicola Ruben Montini in Posi+tive Magazine

famous people I've see/met in NY

Amanda Lepore
Michael Stipe
Terry Richardson
Alec Baldwin
John Cameron Mitchell
Justin Bond
Julia Stiles
Diane Lane

found objects

gifts from overseas

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Many of Del Rey's songs express a powerful desire to be submissive to powerful men. In most cases, it's framed as fantasy, but in the case of her internet hit "Video Games," she's singing about feeling disappointed by a guy who's too distracted, lazy and passive to give her the drama and intensity she's craving. It's easy to see why a lot of people, particularly young women, are relating to this music – she's clearly not the only lady out there wondering why they're among a generation of dudes who have more in common with shlubby, sensitive characters from Judd Apatow movies than brooding alpha males like Don Draper. At her best, Del Rey spins this frustration into sexy pop that practically dares her male listeners to man up and meet her halfway in living out a vintage Hollywood dream.


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found projects