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LaMaMa Umbria International

collecting performance art...

Yes, performance is ephemeral, but it takes a really talented and charismatic performer to make that ephemeral moment something that sears into your memory. Not all performers are created equal in this regard. And lately, the attitude is:

“I have something I would like to do in a performance that I am not physically or mentally capable of doing, so I’ll just hire someone to do it for me and say that it is my work while they run on treadmills or jump up and down all day or eat dirt.”

Anya Liftig (Performance Artist (New York, NY))

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thank you notes


"To this point we make a semicolon in what it was called the first stage of the artistic residence of the IDENTITY PROJECT at the Nucleus of Choreographic Experimentation (Porto, Portugal). We share some of the moments, under development, resulting from this process, along with some of the material developed within the artistic residence at CultureHub, Inc. (New York, US) under the INOV-ART program by Daniel Pinheiro. All of this grows into the possibility of a device... (to be continued)
-- Daniel Pinheiro e Tiago Bôto"

Thank you notes:

CultureHub, Inc., Billy Clark, Lindsey Medeiros, Jesse Ricke, Charlotte Brathwaite, Michael Burke, Claire Buckingham, John Jessurun, LaMaMa E.T.C., Cristiana Rocha, Joana Ventura, Mafalda Soares, Samuel Guimarães, Inês Vicente, Constança Carvalho Homem, Eduardo Morais, Fátima São Simão, Luís Brandão, Liliana Rocha, Filipe Moreira, Flávio Rodrigues…

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s. joão ;)

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virtual residencies




Tags: Identity; Performance; Video; Live-stream; Judith Butler; Susan Sontag; Jean-Luc Nancy; Gilles Deleuze; Duane Michals

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stream of consciousness

Stream of consciousness describes the continuous flow of sense ‐perceptions, thoughts, feelings, and memories in the human mind.

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TB: a monday night 'drink'

Jessica: Hair pulling, really?

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starveling (a new performance by flávio rodrigues)


watch teaser here
Captured and Edited by Daniel Pinheiro

STARVELING - the rite of spring -
a performance by Flávio Rordrigues

other lives

Melissa BELL


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eat work fist suck... [play]

THURSDAY JUNE 21 at the Strange Loop Gallery.

Be there or I’ll kill you.


In his last performances, Mr. Israel presented what he called the world’s first “seven-second play.”

“To be,” he intoned with authority Hamlet never mustered.

“A mensch!”

That is the answer.”

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on: walking

...There's a guy in Maine, who I guess he was around 18 years old and he walked with a very distinct swish. You know, hips going one way or another; a very distinct feminine walk. One day he was walking to school and he was attacked by three of his classmates and he was thrown over a bridge and he was killed. The question that community has to deal with and the entire media that covered this event was: how could it be that somebody's gait, that somebody's style of walking could engender the desire to kill that person. And that you know makes me think about the walk in a different way. A walk can be a dangerous thing.

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Work in Progress [snapshots]

IDENTITY PROJECT @ NEC (Núcleo de Experimentação Coreográfica)

Started out as an artistic research in New York, IDENTITY PROJECT grows now into a live video-performance, around the subject of IDENTITY and Performance Art LIVE VS. STREAM. The project is being developed with the support of NEC, Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation and GDA.

Many thanks will have to be made in the end of the project, meanwhile my 'thank you' notes go to:

CultureHub, Billy Clark, Lindsey Medeiros, Jesse Ricke, Charlotte Brathwaite, Michael Burke, Claire Buckingham, John Jessurun, LaMaMa.ETC, Cristiana Rocha, Samuel Guimarães, Inês Vicente, Constança Carvalho Homem, Eduardo Morais, Fátima São Simão... and it keeps on growing.

more information to be updated during JULY and AUGUST.

Willis Earl Beal

QNYI for sale

Mx Justin Vivian Bond ([above, top] Self-portrait, 2012;[above middle] Self-portrait, 2012;[above, bottom] Self-portrait, 2012)

'For Personal Use'
curated by East Village Boys
co-hosed by The Impossible Project

With the release of the first Polaroid camera in 1948 the documentation of private moments was revolutionized. Horny boys, pornography dilettantes, sneaky voyeurs and slutty exhibitionists, the curious and the depraved, and queers of all types were finally able to capture their private moments without the fear of reprisals from the local film counter busybody.

Since the deluge of digital technologies, documenting those moments has never been easier, but somewhere along the way it has sadly become a lot less interesting, less curious, less original. To help rectify this situation, New York City-based East Village Boys has invited some of their favorite artists to create new work to respond to this uniquely contemporary problem.

Mx Justin Vivian Bond; Jeff Hahn; Jayson Keeling; Josh McNey;Christian Schoeler; SUPERM: Slava Mogutin and Brian Kenny; Andrew Yang

The Impossible Project, June 7-19 2012 | 425 Broadway, 5th floor, New York City

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the summer drink... Tru Blood


True Blood is back... Vampires with gender issues, Tara turns into a Vampire, all the men are fighting... Sookie looks older and, as always, lost... Jessica thinks she can sing and sexy bodies were naked to begin this new season!!!! More to come...

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skype portraits