quarta-feira, junho 13, 2012

QNYI for sale

Mx Justin Vivian Bond ([above, top] Self-portrait, 2012;[above middle] Self-portrait, 2012;[above, bottom] Self-portrait, 2012)

'For Personal Use'
curated by East Village Boys
co-hosed by The Impossible Project

With the release of the first Polaroid camera in 1948 the documentation of private moments was revolutionized. Horny boys, pornography dilettantes, sneaky voyeurs and slutty exhibitionists, the curious and the depraved, and queers of all types were finally able to capture their private moments without the fear of reprisals from the local film counter busybody.

Since the deluge of digital technologies, documenting those moments has never been easier, but somewhere along the way it has sadly become a lot less interesting, less curious, less original. To help rectify this situation, New York City-based East Village Boys has invited some of their favorite artists to create new work to respond to this uniquely contemporary problem.

Mx Justin Vivian Bond; Jeff Hahn; Jayson Keeling; Josh McNey;Christian Schoeler; SUPERM: Slava Mogutin and Brian Kenny; Andrew Yang

The Impossible Project, June 7-19 2012 | 425 Broadway, 5th floor, New York City

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