segunda-feira, julho 23, 2012

sunset elegies

Watching the sunset yesterday up at the hill was one of the greatest experiences ever in my life... In the silent abyss between us and the sun ahead Time took over all of us showing us the rotation of the earth around the sun and within its own core. Reminding us of how tiny and (in)significant we all are, yes SIGNIFICANT within our insignificance.
Bodies stood still watching the orange sun balancing with the moon behind us, at that moment the sound of nature was the most important frequency in my brain and I don't even remember the wind that preluded the rain that in fact never happened.
In those few minutes that took for the sun to rise somewhere else in the world I felt warm and happy that I was giving myself time to watch such an event; a greatness that overcomes all the fears that wobble in my mind at this moment or at any other moment...

(...) Duino Elegies: The Fourth Elegy

We grew, of course, and sometimes were impatient
in growing up, half for the sake of pleasing those
with nothing left but their own grown-upness.
Yet, when alone, we entertained ourselves
with what alone endures, we would stand there
in the infinite space that spans the world and toys,
upon a place, which from the first beginnniing
had been prepared to serve a pure event.

(...) Rainer Maria Rilke | Translated by Albert Ernest Flemming

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