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wearable bodies

Jean-Luc Godard said, "Cinema is not a dream or a fantasy. It is life."

Finding out ways...of making it happen!

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in development...



"And New York is the most beautiful city in the world? It is not far from it. No urban night is like the night there... Squares after squares of flame, set up and cut into the aether. Here is our poetry, for we have pulled down the stars to our will."
--Ezra Pound

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"Whistler's" Son

regarding the botched jesus painting in spain, we here at grand theft orchestra central in upstate new york are taking a pro-restoration stance.
we think the new jesus looks more creative and less…stock.
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RIP ± PORTUGAL 1143-2012 ± by Miguel Januário @ Guimarães

RIP ± PORTUGAL 1143-2012 ± by Miguel Januário @ Guimarães 2012 - European Capital of Culture

Portugal has died. The country that is promoting its own closure was taken by activist artist, Miguel Januário, to the ground.

...(now the ears of my ears awake and
now the eyes of my eyes are opened)...
-- e.e. cummings

I wonder if such act has actually awaken and opened people's ears and eyes towards the situation of Portugal. Staging the country's own death, was the newest of Miguel Januário's acts in his struggle to make, through his art, bring counsciousness to the transformation that Portugal has been suffering; stabbing the 'King' of Portugal was another one of his symbolic attempts to shout out for people's awareness to what's happening...
A few years ago all of this would have been unimaginable and completely out of purpose, people would have raised against such act of vandalism, nowadays I would expect that this would actually have more impact on people, not considering it vandalism but considering it a cathartic moment and serve as an impulse for people to take action over their own country. Most of the people fight and try until the end not to take their loved ones to the ground, to bury a loved one is a stressfull and frustrating moment in a persons life, there's nothing you can do about that except mourn and try to keep your life together, some people go away, some never get over it, and some actually kill themselves because that too much of a burden to carry and to think about. So is this what's gonna happen now? Are we supposed to sit around and mourn for a country that is already dead? Are you supposed to go away and try to get over it and never think about again?
What does this act means in reality? Is everyone just taking it as an artistic endeavour of just pure fun and pleasure of making fun of the country or is it something that everyone should actually consider to think about before it goes from just an artistic distraction to something real and we actually have to attend a nation's funeral?
I'm not nationalist but I feel that this was a truthfull revolutionary act that is actually more worth it than strikes and going out to the streets appealing for rights and economical improvement - among many other things, that people decide to do during Spring breaks and before the beggining of the summer...
I'm just sad that the government is, in fact, more worried about stopping actions like the last ones I just described above and not have a word about what has just happened... using the artist's words, Portugal has died of betrayal (also known as backstabbing), a country that no longer can take the breaking of promisses and needs contracts and measures to be taken seriously, a country in need of trust and confidence above all.

Thank you ±

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everyone does

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Those beach days...

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Pussy Riot: 'We Are Not Guilty; The Whole World Says So'

What is going on today in cities all over the world is linked to what went down in Moscow the past few months. The actions outside Russia’s borders are led by the inheritors of the punk and riot grrrl mantles; there are communities around the world that recognize and see themselves in Pussy Riot’s lyrics and style. But we are far away. The three women who were today sentenced in that Moscow courtroom remind musicians that performance can be a dangerous form of protest and resistance. If the protestors in New York or Belgrade are arrested, there is little chance they will be sent to prison for two years.

— Frannie Kelley on the trial that’s set off a wave of global support.


'Flesh' (1968) | Paul Morrissey


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spice up your life...

new on the playlist

me as my father

me as my father

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Aim High, 2012 David Shrigley

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internet is changing .art

The Internet is constantly changing. Starting next year, the organization responsible for the naming protocol of every website on the internet will introduce new top-level domains—what we find after the last dot in the web address: .com, .org, .net, .uk, and so on. This new naming protocol will sharpen the focus of the internet to make information more legible to communities sharing a common interest. For example, most information pertaining to food will be available in a .food domain, while most information on cars will likely be found in a .car domain, and so forth.

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Pussy Riot Final Testimonies
Pussy Riot Final Testimonies Comments

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FREE Pussy Riot!

cut the world

anything but human ?

Wherever I turn, the popular media, scientists and even fellow philosophers are telling me that I’m a machine or a beast. My ethics can be illuminated by the behavior of termites. My brain is a sloppy computer with a flicker of consciousness and the illusion of free will. I’m anything but human.

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gelato time

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chavela... a ti!

Forever Marilyn!

Fifty years after her death, Marilyn Monroe remains something of an enigma...

Lana's Marilyn-style serenade
Fifty years after her death, Marilyn still remains alive in everyone's memories even for those who never actually saw a movie of her's and for those who believe it's somekind of youtube sensation whenever someone's birthday comes along... Although it doesn't exist - after having googled for it - I would have thought that by now someone would have invented something like GoBarbra for her famous Happy Birthday song... just a thought!
What for me remains an enigma it's not her - although like to so many others she is also an icon and a symbol which is easy to comeback to - but the way she's still so present, like some kind of perpetual yet continuously ephemeral goddess; I wouldn't call it actually an enigma, but definitely has rose a question in my mind:

For how many years can or will she still 'live'...?

It's not a matter of being disturbed by her presence in the media, I - in fact - love re-seeing her photos, listening to her songs, and watch some of the movies she was part of. It's more a matter of being concerned on the need of keeping her alive, and how many things and facts are still yet to discover, and how every year she 'rises' again as something new, fresh, always as a novelty... over and over the same Norma vs. Marilyn story... always as somekind of female role that has to be kept alive in order to feed men and women's desire of accomplishing imperfect beauty. There's always - every year - a struggle to make her more human, more imperfect, where different people portray all the ideas that can be made of this woman, and in the end she grows stronger, more etheral and unreachable...

who is this?


By the end of the first week of Pussy Riot's trial, everyone in the shabby Moscow courthouse was tired. Guards, armed with submachine guns, grabbed journalists and threw them out of the room at will. The judge, perched in front of a shabby Russian flag, refused to look at the defence. And the police dog – a 100lb black Rottweiler – no longer sat in the corner she had occupied since the start of Russia's trial of the year, but barked and foamed at the mouth as if she were in search of blood.

The trial of the three band members, jailed since March after performing a "punk prayer" against Vladimir Putin in Moscow's main cathedral, has been about more than the charges brought against them – formally, hooliganism motivated by religious hatred. In five days of testimony, lawyers and witnesses have laid bare the stark divide that has emerged in Russian society: one deeply conservative and accepting of a state that uses vague laws and bureaucracy to control its citizens, the other liberal bordering on anarchist and beginning to fight against that state with any means it can.

The court is dominated by a glass cage that holds the three women – Maria Alyokhina, who has emerged as their unofficial spokeswoman; Nadezhda Tolokonnikova, whose chiselled features have made her the band's unofficial face; and Yekaterina Samutsevich, who sits in a corner of the cage looking every bit the disgruntled punk.

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memories di trevi

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5 weeks

After 5 weeks of being at LaMaMa Umbria my summer has started the best way possible...
Once again, like I've wrote before, feeling like family is one of the best feelings that can exist, learning with a such a group of talented and generous people makes me grow in ways that I would  never had imagined.
The whole month has been fruitful in amazing moments of sharing knowledge and wisdom by those  who still make Ellen Stewart live for those who haven't actually met her.
I might be re-writing in different words thoughts that I've already posted about this. But one thing  makes me proud, to be and to feel so cherished by everyone.
Maybe it's my impossibility to stop smiling when I'm actually loving what I'm doing, maybe it's my way of staying younger than what I really am - in the sense that I feel like I'm always learning
and more, and more, I'm sure that I don't know that much, that - has Nerina has told once - I belong to something bigger, something that goes farther away than all the expectations that I could ever have had, when my dreams stood only in the plane of being known and developing work that people would love (that's a big goal!); It stays now in the field of being humble - which I figured out that it's a lot different of just not being sure of being right!
This opportunity to share thoughts and listen to people like John Moran, Karin Coonrad, Liz Swados, John King, Stephen Koplowitz... has made my mind grow again to this place of wanting to absorb as much as I can... not only from these but from all those that make this opportunity something to be shared by a group of also talented apprentices (and that will somehow feel that influence somewhere along their lives).
Presenting my work at the festival was one of the scariest moments of my life. It's different when you present to an unknown audience, which of course you respect and you want them to be engaged to your stream of consciousness, but at that moment,
in the stage of Cantiere Oberdan I felt like finally having the courage to show what I've learned so far, and what I want to keep on learning.
The influences are definitely there, and while I was helping keeping the LaMaMa house together and make it the most wonderful place on earth (along with Elisa's food) to spend a summer school, I got inspired to keep my work growing, and following the instinct that sometimes is just so hard to follow, or so hard to believe.
5 weeks sound like a lot of time, but actually it's only the beginning of a great Summer- hopefully it will continue to be like that.
Sharing sunsets, smiles, learning, dealing with frustrations that you (at first) would think that would  kill you, smiling back to people that have so much to tell, and so much to say - sometimes I feel like  smiling would be one my bests gifts I have to offer to people, smiling back in order to say that I just want to keep on looking, listening...
Watering the plants in a way that I had never had before, hugging people without being afraid of   being intrusive, getting back rubs, sharing the house with one of the most important person in my life, being in a country which I always wanted to comeback, getting to know better people that I hadn't the opportunity to somewhere along the road!
Feeling, more than cherished, appreciated, by the same ones I - for almost 11 months now - have appreciated so much... -- Words -- will never be enough to describe the experience and the intensity that comes with it.

You'll break sometimes, tears will come in places you wouldn't be even expecting, sobs will grow  when you hear someone sobbing, human nature is there in it's whole, and maybe sometimes you just need to get out and eat a gelato, have some laughs and ride the bike with Andrea, calling back home, get on the breezy place just by the Cafe Hussein, and that just means that you're living life the way it's supposed to when you're part of a community, when your part of 'something bigger'.

LIKE. and COMING BACK... not to mention KEEPING IN TOUCH are the key words!

Love, Daniel