domingo, agosto 05, 2012

Forever Marilyn!

Fifty years after her death, Marilyn Monroe remains something of an enigma...

Lana's Marilyn-style serenade
Fifty years after her death, Marilyn still remains alive in everyone's memories even for those who never actually saw a movie of her's and for those who believe it's somekind of youtube sensation whenever someone's birthday comes along... Although it doesn't exist - after having googled for it - I would have thought that by now someone would have invented something like GoBarbra for her famous Happy Birthday song... just a thought!
What for me remains an enigma it's not her - although like to so many others she is also an icon and a symbol which is easy to comeback to - but the way she's still so present, like some kind of perpetual yet continuously ephemeral goddess; I wouldn't call it actually an enigma, but definitely has rose a question in my mind:

For how many years can or will she still 'live'...?

It's not a matter of being disturbed by her presence in the media, I - in fact - love re-seeing her photos, listening to her songs, and watch some of the movies she was part of. It's more a matter of being concerned on the need of keeping her alive, and how many things and facts are still yet to discover, and how every year she 'rises' again as something new, fresh, always as a novelty... over and over the same Norma vs. Marilyn story... always as somekind of female role that has to be kept alive in order to feed men and women's desire of accomplishing imperfect beauty. There's always - every year - a struggle to make her more human, more imperfect, where different people portray all the ideas that can be made of this woman, and in the end she grows stronger, more etheral and unreachable...

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