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RIP ± PORTUGAL 1143-2012 ± by Miguel Januário @ Guimarães

RIP ± PORTUGAL 1143-2012 ± by Miguel Januário @ Guimarães 2012 - European Capital of Culture

Portugal has died. The country that is promoting its own closure was taken by activist artist, Miguel Januário, to the ground.

...(now the ears of my ears awake and
now the eyes of my eyes are opened)...
-- e.e. cummings

I wonder if such act has actually awaken and opened people's ears and eyes towards the situation of Portugal. Staging the country's own death, was the newest of Miguel Januário's acts in his struggle to make, through his art, bring counsciousness to the transformation that Portugal has been suffering; stabbing the 'King' of Portugal was another one of his symbolic attempts to shout out for people's awareness to what's happening...
A few years ago all of this would have been unimaginable and completely out of purpose, people would have raised against such act of vandalism, nowadays I would expect that this would actually have more impact on people, not considering it vandalism but considering it a cathartic moment and serve as an impulse for people to take action over their own country. Most of the people fight and try until the end not to take their loved ones to the ground, to bury a loved one is a stressfull and frustrating moment in a persons life, there's nothing you can do about that except mourn and try to keep your life together, some people go away, some never get over it, and some actually kill themselves because that too much of a burden to carry and to think about. So is this what's gonna happen now? Are we supposed to sit around and mourn for a country that is already dead? Are you supposed to go away and try to get over it and never think about again?
What does this act means in reality? Is everyone just taking it as an artistic endeavour of just pure fun and pleasure of making fun of the country or is it something that everyone should actually consider to think about before it goes from just an artistic distraction to something real and we actually have to attend a nation's funeral?
I'm not nationalist but I feel that this was a truthfull revolutionary act that is actually more worth it than strikes and going out to the streets appealing for rights and economical improvement - among many other things, that people decide to do during Spring breaks and before the beggining of the summer...
I'm just sad that the government is, in fact, more worried about stopping actions like the last ones I just described above and not have a word about what has just happened... using the artist's words, Portugal has died of betrayal (also known as backstabbing), a country that no longer can take the breaking of promisses and needs contracts and measures to be taken seriously, a country in need of trust and confidence above all.

Thank you ±

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