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almost ending...

un fin de semana en Madrid...

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puerta del sol

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Plaza Mayor

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an experiment on telepresence, with IDENTITY PROJECT

Photo by: Margarida Ribeiro
at Circular - Festival de Artes Performativas de Vila do Conde

An experiment on bringing telepresence to the construction process of Identity Project. The live video performance aims to address issues related to individuals, namely their need for construction and deconstruction of identity while acknowledging labeling trends that allow people to say: I AM___________.
In collaboration with Brooklyn based performer Whitney V. Hunter, whose artistic practice oftgen adresses the subject of Identity in various senses, his durational action of casting (live) his body in the studios of CultureHub NYC (Great Jones St, 3rd floor)became part of the video-performance that was being built live in Portugal as a background for the live actions that were being performed by Daniel Pinheiro and Tiago Bôto.
As part of an artistic research on the subject of IDENTITY this new layer brought up questions relating to this idea of a mediated identity or how one's identity can be changed or transformed by mediating it, in this case, through telepresence - thanks to the support of CultureHub in New York.
Having suffered various changes since it's first presentation in June this year, that took place at Núcleo de Experimentação Coreográfica (Porto, Portugal) until the presentation last weekend this project deals with some of the "problems" that are intimate related to the idea of IDENTITY itself, a larger spectrum of layers that juxtapose and interesect in so many points.
During the performance it was important for the three performers involved to find connections between the actions being performed and the consequence of those actions to be present in a live format as it was the idea of the whole experience.
Who are we in this age of connectedness? How do I build my self from the sum of I+You+We...?
Although the idea of gender identity was very present throughout the whole performance some broader aspects were also considered in the making of this project, the idea of becoming something through someone's eyes or even how do we adapt and make our own choices based on a common knowledge that allows us to be certain - in different moments of our lives - of who we are...

human bodies

Nadav Kander

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Identity Cups

Um amuse-bouche sem identidade; de cor branca; espesso, mas bebível sem a ajuda de uma colher; doce, salgado e amargo ao mesmo tempo; gelado mas reconfortante; parece uma sopa, mas bebe-se como se fosse um refresco de Verão, ou então como se fosse um batido matutino, ou então como se fosse um cura para uma ressaca conceptual; servido em copo devidamente catalogado com o único rótulo possível: o nome da pessoa cuja boca será alegrada. 
A partir de/para o "Identity Project", de Daniel Pinheiro & Tiago Bôto.


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Why Dance in the Art World?

RG: What was the first piece you made once you stepped away from the camera?

KN: I’m not sure I ever stepped away from the camera—that for me is what makes performance both challenging and necessary. The first time I worked with live performers as part of an installation was in Soap #2, a group exhibition presented at the Soap Factory in Minneapolis in 1995. For my piece, Blond, a single performer wearing white terrycloth from head to toe, chewing flavorless bubble gum, and blowing bubbles stood in a long hallway containing a two-door cabinet and several ceiling fans. It was the middle of winter and there was no heat in the building; my sister was the performer, and my mother called it “the icebox piece.” Looking back, I think maybe it was an experiment in understanding different surfaces and materials, working with inside and outside, light and dark.

On Monday, September 17, the Performa Institute and NYU Steinhardt present Why Dance in the Art World?, an exciting evening where we will explore the history and future of the visual arts’ relationship to and interest in dance.


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2011.09.10 - 2012.09.10

2011.09.10 - 2012.09.10

1year ago I was getting on the plane, to cross the ocean that I had crossed for the last time 23 years before... how time flies.
1year ago I was scared and enthusiastic, eager and I was again like a little boy excited just by idea of discovering a new world...
I was scared that I wouldn't fit, I was scared that everything would be too rough for me, I was scared that I wouldn't be able to respond
I was scared of not knowing, of feeling an outsider, of leaving what I knew behind.
I was sure that 3 months was enough, that that was it. That that was the only thing I would get. No expectations. No dreams. Just experience it and come back.
I came back indeed... With a heart full, plenty of tears and joy to have met people that I look up to, people from there, people that were not from there, people from my homecountry, people from everywhere that made this one of the most important experiences I've had so far.
People that I felt like family, and people that were and still are truly an inspiration...
New York became just more than a name, more than an icon, more than just a big city, it became a place I will carry around in my heart forever.
Sometimes with joy, and sometimes uncertain of what to feel towards it, but everytime with a smile (with or without getting watered eyes).
Departure to: ANYWHERE!, became one of so many goals.
I don't mean to write a sad post about this, because nothing from this experience is sad. It's just emotional, and I'm glad it is emotional, I'm glad that I had the opportunity to be part of such event in my own life.
I have a lot of people to thank for making it like this. People that I've left behind, people that missed me and that had only a smile in their face for getting me back home, people that were supportive through the loneliness of being away, people that I knew that were there and that make me feel at home now that I'm back.
So in that day, a year ago, I thought about you all while I was getting on the plane and I was sure that I was safe because I had all of your strength with me.
And today, a year after that, I think about all of those that gave me the strength to moving forward, to make the 'no expectations' turn into wonderful moments, and the 'no dreams' into a mind full of ideas and desire and need for improvement. always.
Today I felt weird all day, maybe I let myself get to emotional with this kind of things, maybe I shouldn't but that's me and specially at this moment I won't deny the urges and how much I miss not the city but the people that I've met in it.
I'm glad to have fallen in love with a group of people and creatives that have the notion of a bigger and connected world and maybe that was what I was fighting to find for so many years, and I won't say it's not about New York, but I feel it in my heart that is a feeling of belonging somewhere, doing what you love to do, learning what you want to learn and getting a clear idea of what you want to do in the future. So no matter what I will pursue that, wherever that will lead me.
New York City has become part of who I am for having learned the city by the hands, the eyes and words that everyone was so kind to introduce to me.
All the memories from this will be always that, memories... Whatever happens next won't be the same, it will always be different but that's growing and I only wish to keep growing so much as I have been doing over this past year...

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By the beach party

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Lovely meals

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envelope blooms
sprawling painted petals,
stems mount from tilled earth,
the pollen of a pregnant hydrangea’s
pistol resurfacing the sweet sugar saliva
of sentient agape stares wrought in wild fire—
the weight of procreant leaves presuming
a strength, a wilt, withering as paper
folds & tears. Silk curls unfurl
on cotton sheets, as plush
lilly pad pillows drink
the swelling

by Kristine Lowery

read Perennial and more

who are we when we're faceless

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Instagram Moments

holding hands

Draped Baroque by Orlan

OrlanThe Draped-the Baroque, 1983

while reading on post-modern genres

John Jessurun's media theater illustrates another tenet of post-modern genres, namely what French theorist Jean Baudrillard called 'the death of the subject.' Spewing forth comments on everything from old films, to rock music, to pop psychology, Jesurun's theatrical pieces, which often incorporate multiple video images of the actors, feature characters lost in a universe of words and emotional deprivation. Jesurun's 'subjects', or characters, are in a sense dead, drowned in a sea of free associations and psychibabble that suggest a disembodied mouth in a Beckett play that rambles on eternally. Unlike Beckett, however, whose poetic tracts are more akin to romanticism than postmodernism, Jesurun creates settings which evoke paranoia and hopelessness, like Deep Sleep (1985) in which live actors gradually become 'consumed' by filmed images of themselves, or Slight Return (1994) in which the audience only sees the projected video image of a performer trapped in a room with a surveillance camera.

-- New Media in Art, Michael Rush (Thames & Hudson world of art)