terça-feira, setembro 25, 2012

an experiment on telepresence, with IDENTITY PROJECT

Photo by: Margarida Ribeiro
at Circular - Festival de Artes Performativas de Vila do Conde


An experiment on bringing telepresence to the construction process of Identity Project. The live video performance aims to address issues related to individuals, namely their need for construction and deconstruction of identity while acknowledging labeling trends that allow people to say: I AM___________.
In collaboration with Brooklyn based performer Whitney V. Hunter, whose artistic practice oftgen adresses the subject of Identity in various senses, his durational action of casting (live) his body in the studios of CultureHub NYC (Great Jones St, 3rd floor)became part of the video-performance that was being built live in Portugal as a background for the live actions that were being performed by Daniel Pinheiro and Tiago Bôto.
As part of an artistic research on the subject of IDENTITY this new layer brought up questions relating to this idea of a mediated identity or how one's identity can be changed or transformed by mediating it, in this case, through telepresence - thanks to the support of CultureHub in New York.
Having suffered various changes since it's first presentation in June this year, that took place at Núcleo de Experimentação Coreográfica (Porto, Portugal) until the presentation last weekend this project deals with some of the "problems" that are intimate related to the idea of IDENTITY itself, a larger spectrum of layers that juxtapose and interesect in so many points.
During the performance it was important for the three performers involved to find connections between the actions being performed and the consequence of those actions to be present in a live format as it was the idea of the whole experience.
Who are we in this age of connectedness? How do I build my self from the sum of I+You+We...?
Although the idea of gender identity was very present throughout the whole performance some broader aspects were also considered in the making of this project, the idea of becoming something through someone's eyes or even how do we adapt and make our own choices based on a common knowledge that allows us to be certain - in different moments of our lives - of who we are...

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