sábado, outubro 27, 2012


NI UNA MÁS video production keeps flowing. After the wonderful residence at LaMaMa Umbria International it's time to head on for the beggining... what do people think and feel about feminicide. ?!

Florence was an amazing working spot. At Nerina's parents house up the hill (really up the hill after being downtown) the view from my room was amazing a peaceful breeze would freshen the room and the chair where I would sit everyday working on the videos from the residence. Some of them part of the moments the group shared. One the newest ones is about the mornings where we would go out and do group games in order to start the day. Although tiredness was written in everyone's face, that moment was the beggining of yet another moment of this journey. each morning we would focus only in being there, surrounded by a beautiful landscape and minds bursting with ideas and inspiration would find a moment to rest and let the body work in order to [refresh] the brains...

getting around the subject of feminicide and listening to Mia's text, through Giovanna's words and acting, it keeps coming to my mind the idea of a radio play in the sense like we almost never see these facts, we hear about them, we wonder about them... focusing on the idea of a radiophonic body we hear this body crashing and falling appart while it's voice goes loud raising awareness to this subject that is so present and keeps growing everyday.

So, what do you think about feminicide?!

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