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in blue by Bridget Baker

The Blue Collar Girl (Cape Town) - Bridget Baker

South African artist Bridget Baker, currently presenting her last video work - The Remains of the Father - Fragments of a Trilogy (Transhumance) - at the MAMbo (Bologna, Italy), develops a work that focus on the concepts of duration and memory, amongst others like identity (or the construction of it, building fictional narratives that

Her work The Blue Collar Girl developed between 2004 and 2007 is a group of six different triptychs in six different towns, each triptych is a set of three different pictures that contextualize the place where they were taken and always with this fictional character wearing always the same blue jacket and the same wig.
For BB the blue stands for two main different things, the first one regarding the color of labour outfits - often blue - and serve as a metaphor for the idea of labouring your own identity, how itself is a work in progress never finished, always under construction; the second one regarding the chroma key tool often used to make the body invisible, a process of invisibilizing the color of the skin - also used to place a character in a different background that the one he first was shot -.
Adding to this layer, in each triptych the same phrase can be found as the last still, Only you can©, as a reminiscence of BB's childhood - another current subject on her works.

BB plays with the journey of this character through different places trying to build an identity that will somehow suit both the charcater and the place itself, by creating a piece she intends to work on this idea of raising awareness not only about the fact that identity is a work-in-progress and in continuous change but also about the surroundings of your own identity, what makes you what you are and stating that you are the only responsable by this process of self construction, of looking to the outside looking at the big picture, looking at the details.

In each of the six photographic sets the character is going through a different state of mind, a different feeling is photographed; for this BB made the journey alone - bringing only the blue jacket and the wig (potencially a presence of the her mother figure) - and in each place she would work with a different team of creatives that would think abour the work together and develop the identity of each triptych that in the end would be part of this work.

Working on different media Bridget Baker develops a work that approaches life in a very simple and durational way, either it is by putting herself into action like she does in Bridget says Only you can© or creating work out of distant memories like found footage, archival, old photographs; it seems from the outside an idea of re-construction of her own past, of activating existing (or non-existing) memories... read more here.

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