domingo, outubro 14, 2012


Since my arrival last Wednesday I landed into a complex net of concepts, ideas, smiles, an Italian speaking community that often makes me feel like I’m looking at everything from the outside… and now that I write about it, ain’t I?!
Although I tried to go over the text of Mia Parissi – NI UNA MÁS – the difficulty for me was to get in the mood of the text, in the mood of where things are going, in the mood of Cesca‘s journey until an unknown end.
An unknown end indeed is where we are at the moment I’m writing this and Nerina (the director) is probably inside the Kuser (a rehearsal room named after George Kuser), Giovanna is cooking, Giulia is intoxicating her studio, Andrea is between Florence and Brussels, and Davide Fensi is still experimenting and developing what in the end will become the score or the soundtrack of the play… the recorded soundtrack. Going back from the point where I was talking about feeling like I am, in fact, looking from the outside… the knowledge about the play, about the concerns of everyone involved, about the problematics of designing a coherent dramaturgy involving so many means, materials and concepts; all that knowledge has come to me through the words of those being interviewed by me… the body as a shell, the focus on femininity, the journey of a woman, written by another woman, read and directly interpreted by three other different women. In fact I don’t think I will ever find out until the end how deep is this character…plus my own opinion on such a subject.
The play talks about… for me there’s a combination of hardness and smoothness, something that for me is a symbol of femininity, a juxtaposition of black&white that characterizes many of women struggles…
For me as a video maker I’m in love with the feminine figure, the shapes of the body and what it stands for… finding that texture in anything else has been the hard part for me, to discover a texture that can enclose all the strength of a woman, the strength of these three women (sorry guys!) that inhabit here at LaMaMa and a third one that is always present for her words are being said and told in a way that represent what she is, believes and stands for…
The word of the day has been Violence… different points of view about violence and how can that be represented… the inner child – as symbol of forgotten strength violated throughout the life. Could it be?! The metaphor is continuously a question?!
Back in a house that seems always silent after the memories that each corner, each sight, each step has of the summer, I feel that it’s not important to find the answer… it is important to discover the truth of what we want to say. What is the background of such truth? What are we in such truth? When do we find the moment to be truthful to ourselves and say… NI UNA MÁS!

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