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liveness: to continue to be alive

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Over the past year the experiences on Telepresence and meeting projects that use the internet as a way of not only promoting the work developed but as one of the basic structures that support either the concept or part of it has made me aware that is something that we can (obviously) choose but that we can't deny. 
In the year 2000 for me the internet was a slow connection that allowed me to have an unneeded email account, a noisy dial-up connection that would count by the $econd and a whole new world very different from what I had previously imagined, after having watched many hollywood movies where the internet was a bunch of green data loading on a screen.
Email blast - I remember - was my first attempt to what we could call of crowdfunding... or just getting people excited about what I was doing at the time. All very näive I would say, thinking about it.
The only true thing is that I keep thinking about somekind of humanization of the whole internet world. How can you still feel some kind of humanity within the whole technological apparatus? I've found that on having people interacting with eachother on camera. My first encounter with these kind of tool was in PEER-TO-PEER (2010) where we explored the potential of chatroulette.com, the new chaotic network that was making a revolution changing (once more) the way people communicated between them. By that time the platform was still subject of curiosity, although it had been around since 2009, the media had been subject of massification, not only because it was fun but because it became exiciting to be able to see and meet random people from anywhere, at anytime. No time constraints; No names; No rules... (well, some!) 
This platform became subject of studies on human behaviour, individuality, personality like some others in the past had, of course, but this time everything was clear to everyone, people could see who they were talking to, and they could just by clicking a key change the person in front of them. Having been involved in that project and having worked so close with projects that involved this form of communication with others made me realise that one of the keys is in fact the ability of people watching eachothers live, again, with no time constraints, having the possibility to "travel" anywhere to see a show, a conference, a talk, and even more exiciting if they can be also part of the experience. 
Technology keeps developing and it has always been something that artists searched for as a way of enhancing their works. For me the experience is not only enhanced for artistic purposes but it can bring audiences closer to what it's being made, explored, taught, etc. ... To continue to be alive.

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