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November 7, 1919 – January 13, 2011

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For more than a year I've heard about this wonderful woman that shaped the heart of Off.Off Broadway, that kept moving forward despite all the barriers and prejudices that were put against her and what she believed.

For more than a year I've been inspired by people that worked closely with her and that carry her dream and her strength.

For more than a year that an unique street, a part of East 4th St, where it meets 2nd Avenue, is called Ellen Stewart Way. Her way. Way to go.

For more than a year that I've been feeling that I should go along with the sage advice that I heard people talk about her giving: JUST DO IT!

And for more than a year that I feel that I keep getting to know her through the people I meet, that talk about her, that talk about all of the experiences of working with someone like her. To be fearless. To be on the edge of yourself by finding new challenges, pursuing your goals, believing that you got what it takes to make it. Because if you want to make it, you just have to make it.
I see and hear in all of those that keep her memory alive, that she is warmly missed by everyone, and that their eyes wonder in trying to find someone that I never knew in person but that I've experienced through all of the others. Her dream.
I don't know what LaMaMa means to a lot of people. I know only a tiny part of a story that has 50 years, of a woman that would be 93 by now... so this is what I know: Thank you. And if you don't know her, go out and look. A lot is still to be seen and heard from the legacy of people that she taught and that are a part of her, in their looks, in their words, in their desires, in their inner thoughts.

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