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occupy! in milan

MACAO - chronicle of an occupation
"We want to show how the culture industry produces disparity, in Milan and beyond it, on both the work and urban fronts", adds Angelo. "What does the event economy leave on the ground — from the Furniture Fair to the EXPO, the Venice Biennale and the Forum delle Culture in Naples? Basically nothing, not for the citizens or the so-called creatives. It commandeers free labour and public space. It produces gentrification, like the huge Porta Nuova area behind here has done in the Isola district."

Viale Molise, 68

The quote above relates to when MACAO (also spelled M^C^O) decided to occupy Torre Galfa in Milan hoping to undertake the "system" and turn a closed and forgotten space into a new center for artistic research and give opportunity to many that don't have a place to showcase their works. A group of activists that believe in the potentialities of bringing life into so many of the urban voids that are forgotten and that due to economical and political reasons are kept that way. Although a huge process of restoring the largest occupied space in Europe the strength wasn't enough to keep them from being evicted on May 15th 2012. They kept on being evicted from different spaces along the year, and now they're back at Viale Molise, 68, Milan where the event EXP_NOV - Giornate sulla sperimentazione acustica e visiva - opened yesterday night and runs until November 8th with a series of performances, video and music jams, improvisations, workshops and like the group has been known for a series of activities that enhance whatever space they are on.
Probably this new space and occupation will bring M^C^O back in the front line of discussion because of why are they not being left alone doing what they are so eager to do, promote culture, promote free culture and the right to use infrastructures that are not part of the cultural circuit and turn them into one more. If that is in fact what they're so eager to do, so why not let them do it?

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