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UI[U]U for #ideascity2013 (more info soon)

PARA ACABAR from Daniel Pinheiro on Vimeo.

PARA ACABAR (more info soon)

women in movies

sleeping beauty

After the Artist being present and ready to look you in the eyes, like Marina Abramović performed at the Museum Of Modern Art in New York now was the time for Tilda Swinton perform her performance piece at the same museum. The piece "The Maybe", done first in collaboration with artist Cornelia Parker in 1995 (performed at the Serpentine Gallery in London) is a durational performance of a contemporary sleeping beauty. Some call watch it as one of the toughest roles the actress has to play because it directly changes her bio rhythm, others may see it as a post-pop-modern art piece where stardom is brought to the level of Contemporary Art and iconic figures such as Marina and Tilda (like many others, James Franco, for instance) feed this hype around "What is Art...?" and where are its limits... 

This post is not to question the importance of the piece itself artistically but, rather than that, is to go back to one of the main subjects referred by Marina while performing "The Artist is Present" back on 2010 and that relates with time and the idea of extending the notion of time itself both for the artist and the spectator. It's not an invisible performance and the spectator is invited to watch the process of someone trying to be asleep inside a glass box for eight consecutive hours, transforming the art object - the body, the human being - into a subject of scrutinization as a symbol of the time we lack to apply that same care regarding our own behaviour, and changes of how we react given different circumstances.

The curiosity is something that is inherent to human nature, many were the ones questioning the fact that Michael Jackson slept in an oxygen chamber... Maybe now would be the perfect time to perform it live.

BACK TO 1993

Recalling 1993 from Droga5 NY on Vimeo.

This project is part of the New Museum initiative NYC 1993: Experimental Jet Set, Trash and No Star

*The PhoneBooth is one of the only remaining artifacts of people used to communicate in that not so far away Past, now used only in a case of emergency when everything else fails.

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#hacking #obsolete, and #theworldisnotyetentirelyconnected

This map shows the average Internet usage of the observed nodes over a 24-hour period. 
Look closely.

Although the image above is soon to become obsolete (read more on the original to understand) the tendency is for this kinds of visualization to become more and more complex. So far, in 2013 the concentration of online activity is mostly in Europe, North America and China. The map will probably grow into a almost complete light show with the more common use of devices that allow instant connectedness... 
The visual proof of all this is actually not legal and it's made in the basis of hacking and accessing information from people's activity without their knowledge. It doesn't seem that it will get any better, we just have to be aware that if we want to be "out" then people are able to see us, and see what we do. In the dark no one knows what is being done... so unplug, disconnect, turn everything OFF if you don't want to end up a bright colored neon dot in the dark void.

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Lance Gries: The FIFTY Project @ LaMaMa Galeria

For his fiftieth birthday, Lance Gries invited FIFTY dance colleagues, from a twenty- five year career span, from all over the world, to meet him in a studio for a FIFTY minute dance encounter. The intimacy, immediacy and vulnerability of some of the most beloved dancers and choreographers from New York and Europe is captured in these edited studio sessions. These FIFTY video documents will be presented in a multi- dimensional immersive installation, a visual moving family tree of the New York dance community in a mass choreography of images, personal stories and dancing bodies.
Lance Gries: The FIFTY Project

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#gazprom #cyprus #dystopia


Once long ago, before there was such thing as time, the world was shrouded in darkness.



Then came the splendor of light, bringing life and love into the Universe, and the Lord of Darkness retreated deep into the shadows of the earth, plotting his return to power... by banishing light forever. 


But precious light is protected, harbored in the souls of Unicorns, the most typical of all creatures. 


Unicorns are safe from the Lord of Darkness, they can only be found by the purest of mortals... Such a mortal is Jack, who lives in solitude with the animals of the forest.


A beautiful girl named Lily loves Jack with all her heart. In their innocence, they believe only goodness exists in the world.


Together they will learn there can be no good without evil... 
No love without hate... 
No heaven without hell... 
No light without darkness.


The harmony of the Universe depends upon an eternal balance. Out of the struggle to maintain this balance comes the birth of Legends.

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MANIPULATION_an online game soon to be lauched

--Manipulation-- from err0r_500 on Vimeo.

This work attempts to question the audience about the subject of mental manipulation, specifically as it relates to social networking. The audience starts playing with the installation only aware of the unusual way to manipulate it (with their portable devices via a distant website) but as the performance progress, it becomes more and more obvious that the real purpose of the work is far from the simple idea of physical manipulation. Actually, it explores different aspects of mental manipulation, illustrates them by different means till showing the players that while they thought they were manipulating the installation they had in fact been manipulated by it.
The installation works like most “free” online services, highlighting a free useful or entertaining service to hide its real purpose. As these services it is fully designed to manipulate the audience. With almost every artistic or technical detail made on purpose to respectively evoke or to participate to the mental manipulation process. However, this is done in a very “safe” way compared to what is encountered in every-day life since even if their personal data --they allowed access to by themselves-- is revealed, it is (of course) not sold to any third party nor stored.
A very important aspect of the work is that it has been designed to spread its message as wide as possible so the hardware requirements have been kept as limited as possible and the programs used are all open-source or free. Furthermore, the full source code and an installation guide will be released on summer solstice 2013 so everyone can install it and run it everywhere a computer and network access are available.

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to die online


Right before my eyes, I saw friends on Facebook go from living, breathing creators of peppy status updates to unreachable wall owners who will never post again; their pages left to a mournful public, filled with both dear friends and casual acquaintances who, for days, months and even years after, will drop by to post prayers and recanted memories on the wall of the deceased.

In most cases, there is an announcement. Some friend or family member will take the responsibility of delivering the sad news to a group of friends. If, prior to death, an arrangement was made that allowed for a designated person to fully access the account, then the page could be maintained indefinitely.
-- Dori Hartley, Huffington Post 2012

Read also: Death On Facebook Now Common As 'Dead Profiles' Create Vast Virtual Cemetery by Jaweed Kaleem @ Huffington Post

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dashboard infinite scroll

dashboard infinite scroll

watch video on tumblr: here

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Ladies in my life


I could start by posting a lot of lyrics, some kitsch, some corny like You're are the wind beneath my wings or For every dream you made come true... But instead I decided that if we have gender propaganda for one day we better go along with for it means years of struggle to bring the border between both majority genders more and more thin... And for that I can say that I am (a lot of me) every woman that has ever been by my side.
To all the Ladies in my life, and this time I really mean Ladies as in WOMAN (which I could play around with the word and turn all of them into WO(W!)MENS) I am what I am because many of you shaped the way I think and feel towards the world. In each and every one you I see empowerment and a fierce attitude facing the world we live in. You're recipients of such inner strength that sometimes I really feel like all of you could change the world in an instant... or at least the many that surround me.
Throughout my life I've came across many talented and inspiring women that I only wish I had 1% of all that makes them such wonderful human beings, and along with them many of the women that have thought society in more general terms or written wonderful stories about Love, Politics, and Humanity against all odds. 
Many are still the places in the world where Women don't have the rights to be proper individuals within their society, and for those women carrying a coloured flag, a sign, an icon, and having an international day makes all the sense.
Although it never crossed my mind becoming one of them (which a whole different and at the same time important issue which I consider and have the most respect for*) I've always wished for an utopian society where gender wouldn't be identifiable for what you were wearing or how you were supposed to behave. It's not because you wear a skirt, or look sexy as hell (as ALL of the ones that I've came across DO LOOK), or any fit into any of the standards of female beauty that you are more of a Woman. It's because all of You (which I'm thinking right now) are what you are and push boundaries further everyday... I only wish every man on the earth could and allowed himself to be surrounded by such immense beauty and inspiration... and hell, enough is enough! 

Love you all!

*Waking up and seeing that you are the woman you've always wanted to be is a really great feeling. - Our Lady J

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me by Scott Garner's interactive online app

Tri Me
Online browser-based webcam toy turns your video feed into triangulated Delaunay effect in real-time.
There are controls to play about with, as well as saving an image.
Put together by Scott Garner, you can follow his Tumblr blog for other online coding projects here
Complementary post to the earlier ‘Delaunay Painter’ web toy.
Try it out for yourself here

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- Standing at the Edge of All Glory -

Somedays, you wake up, and you see nothing ahead.
Somedays, you wake up, and everything seems blurred...white.
Somedays, you realize everything is so big, that you're just a small part of everything.
Somedays, you are at the top of the world, questioning: "What the hell am I doing here?!"
Somedays, you're at the edge of all the glory that humankind has created...
Somedays, the world is just to big for you to bare with it.
Somedays, you don't even have the strength to cry.
Somedays, you don't even have the courage to laugh.
Somedays, you just want the night to last a lifetime.
Somedays, you just wish you had more time to think,
      that everything would stop and you could have the time to think it all over again.

Somedays you feel so lost, and alone, that no one, or anything are able to help you.
Somedays you don't even want to be helped.
Somedays you wake up already so crushed, so crumbled, that there's nothing that can put you back in a place of sanity.

One day, you look back, and you see all the opportunities you skipped ahead.
One day, you look back, and you don't even question that the  blurred unknown is where you want to head for.
One day, you look back, and feel as tiny as an ant waiting to be crushed.
One day, you look back, and you are already in the middle of your journey, and think: "How the hell did I get here?"
One day, you look back, and you see clearly the power you have...
One day, you look back, and you know that you are a big part of making things change.
One day, all torrents and rivers of lost tears will be far behind you.
One day, you look back, and you cannot contain within you all the joy and happiness you have been given.
One day, you look back, and remember all those nights that sempt endless.
One day, you look back, and you are grateful for all the time that you have been granted
     that everything you did, see, or dreamed was meant for a reason, in its own time.

One day you look back and you'll see all the ones you have helped along the way.
One day you realize you are not alone. That everyone is following you and feeling the same.
One day, you look back, and you realize there's no sanity in this world.

Somedays, you feel like you just want to stop.
One day, you'll stop.

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Cocteau contemplates the french words for angel (ange) and angle (angle).
He reflects that by adding an 'l' (aile) to an ange, we have constructed an ang(l)e. The aile, which sounds 'l' in english, means 'wing' in french, completing the image in both languages.
This association between Angel and Angle enables Cocteau to comment upon the properties of the double image, which may be expressed as the following fourfold: 

Angel <> Reflection
Angle <> Refraction

The Angel represents 'Becoming' for both Cocteau and Rilke. Cocteau's struggle with the Angel Heurtebise can be seen as a struggle with the poetic Muse, or with Poetry Itself.

taken from here after reading Jean Cocteau's White Book

on Other Forms of Distance

Link distance is not the only form of conceptual distance useful for Social Network Analysis. In this section, we examine two other forms of conceptual distance: activity-similarity distance and cultural distance. We show how insight into a network can be obtained by studying the statistical relationship between link distance and other forms of distance.

taken from Journal of Social Structure | Conceptual Distance in Social Network Analysis by Anthony Dekker, Defence Science and Technology Organisation, Australia

Abstract: In this paper we present an approach to Social Network Analysis, based on statistical analysis of conceptual distance between people. In particular, we introduce the concept of valued centrality and a generalisation of geodesic distance which we call link distance. We examine a number of benefits of the link distance concept, including ease of visualisation and applicability of common statistical methods. Using a case study, we demonstrate how examining the statistical relationships between link distance and other forms of conceptual distance can offer insights into the nature of communication within an organisation. Thus an integration of the graph-theoretic techniques traditional in Social Network Analysis, and the statistical techniques traditional in other Social Sciences, leads to a combined technique which integrates the strengths of both approaches.