sexta-feira, março 22, 2013

#hacking #obsolete, and #theworldisnotyetentirelyconnected

This map shows the average Internet usage of the observed nodes over a 24-hour period. 
Look closely.

Although the image above is soon to become obsolete (read more on the original to understand) the tendency is for this kinds of visualization to become more and more complex. So far, in 2013 the concentration of online activity is mostly in Europe, North America and China. The map will probably grow into a almost complete light show with the more common use of devices that allow instant connectedness... 
The visual proof of all this is actually not legal and it's made in the basis of hacking and accessing information from people's activity without their knowledge. It doesn't seem that it will get any better, we just have to be aware that if we want to be "out" then people are able to see us, and see what we do. In the dark no one knows what is being done... so unplug, disconnect, turn everything OFF if you don't want to end up a bright colored neon dot in the dark void.

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